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    Every woman wants to be slim, but also want to eat too. A way out of such a difficult situation can be a low-calorie product - zucchini. This vegetable in 100 grams contains only 25 calories. And this is easily explained, because the zucchini is mainly composed of water.
    Low Carb Recipes
    Recipes for low-carb zucchini dishes
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    How using this product can stay slim and full?

    Zucchini can be added to different dishes in order to reduce their caloric content and enhance the taste:

    - minced: it is tasty and economical;

    - in vegetable and meat dishes;

    - soups with the addition of zucchini become quite full and thick;

    - in flour products.

    Low-carb zucchini dishes can be quite simple. These include freshly squeezed juice from zucchini. This vegetable is added to vegetable salads.

    Recipes for low-carb dishes with the addition of zucchini

    The recipes for low-carb meals are very diverse. The most frequently used of them is the squash caviar or “caviar overseas”, loved by many. Recipes squash caviar quite a lot, consider the most popular, as well as other dishes from this product.

    Squash game

    For its preparation will need:

    - squash (990 grams);

    - onions (0.3 kilograms),

    - vegetable oil (100 grams);

    - carrots (0, 3 kilograms);

    - Tomatoes (several pieces);

    - Vinegar 9% (1-2 tablespoons);

    - granulated sugar (2 tablespoons);

    - Tomato paste, salt, pepper to taste.

    Dice onion, carrots can be grated. Stew carrots and onions for a few minutes. Separately, stew zucchini and tomato. All of the above components are combined in one dish and bring to readiness. Blender grind ready-made vegetables and stew caviar already 10-15 minutes. The final step is to twist the cans.

    Eggs with Zucchini

    This is a very simple, but at the same time tasty and non-nutritious dish. For its preparation will need eggs, zucchini, herbs, butter, salt and pepper. Young squash cut into circles and fry in butter on both sides.

    Eggs bring together a blender and pour the zucchini, salt, pepper, herbs as desired. Everything, the most delicate dish is ready. Tasty, slim and fast.

    Squash baked with tomato and cheese

    Only three products are needed for this tasty dish. They are indicated in the title. Squash and tomatoes cut into slices, lay out in a dish for baking alternately. Top three cheese. Cover with foil and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Remove the foil and bake for another 10 minutes. Delicious in any form.

    Low-carb meals can help you find a slim figure. Its wonderful component is all available zucchini!

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