• Wife of 60-year-old Alec Baldwin would like a fifth child

    Alec Baldwin has an adult daughter Ireland and four kids from Hilaria's second wife. The last of them, Romeo, was born in May, but it is quite possible that this is not the limit: although Alec turned 60 this year, Hilaria recently hinted to Us Weekly that she would like to have another child.

    “I am happy with everything, we have a wonderful family, but to be honest, I don’t even know ... You see, now Carmen has three brothers, and she always dreamed of a little sister. She is five years old, so in her understanding everything is very simple: if you want a sister, ask your parents, and here is your sister. Sometimes I seriously think about the fact that it would be nice to fulfill her wish, ”admitted Hilaria. True, according to the girl who works as a yoga instructor, now she truly enjoys life without a huge belly.

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