• Why is there no spark?

    The problems associated with interruptions in the ignition system of the car, often associated with serious problems in the engine and the inability to start it. How to understand why the spark between the electrodes of candles is weak or for what reason is it not? Any driver should know the answers to these questions, since problems with the ignition system can occur at any time and take you by surprise. In this case, you can be present in such places from which the service station is removed for tens of kilometers. Then you will have to personally solve the resulting problems. In this article we will help answer the question: “Why did the spark disappear in the ignition system and how to fix it?” So that you could easily cope with this trouble.


    To find out why there is no spark, you must first examine the wires and blocks of the ignition system. If traces of oil, water or dirt are present there, then it is necessary to wipe them clean with a dry cloth. Then try to start the car. If the problem is not solved, then continue on.Namely, inspect the high voltage wires. They should certainly be in perfect order, with no violation of isolation. In the case of finding among them "razlohmachchennyh", you need to replace them with new ones.

    In the absence of a positive result after the audit of the wires, try to check the stability of the contacts. For this you just need to crush them with your hands. If the spark does not appear, try to check the serviceability of the candles. They may have the following problems:

    • short to ground;
    • low voltage circuit has damage in the form of a broken wire;
    • failure of the ignition coil;
    • fault breaker distribution.

    To begin the search for the spark in the wires of the candles, you must remove tips from each of them. And alternately bring them, at a distance of less than one centimeter, to the nearest metal part of the car, which is not painted. At the same time, turn on the starter for a couple of seconds. Immediately look at him and make a conclusion from the sparks appearing from there. If they are frequent and bright white with a bluish tinge, then everything is normal. And the appearance of sparks violet, red or yellow indicates a malfunction of the ignition system.

    If the spark is still missing, then you are taken for testing the ignition coil.To do this, finding the distributor-breaker cover, pull out the center wire from it from the coil. Check his sparks in a manner similar to checking the cuts. Their presence indicates that the coil is in good condition, and the problem is more likely in a switch-distributor. In the absence of sparks, we can conclude that the coil itself is faulty. It may also indicate a break in the low voltage circuit.

    How to fix a switch-distributor

    We inspect the cover of the breaker-distributor from the inside. In the absence of damage, wash it with gasoline. And if there are cracks, it must be replaced with a new one. To check the "hang" of the central carbon contact, move it with your finger.

    When performing verification of the integrity of the rotor insulation, lay out the rotor electrode from the central high-voltage wire with a gap. After that, turn on the ignition and hand make the circuit-opening of the breaker contacts. If sparks appear in the gap, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the malfunction of the rotor itself. It is in this case changed to a new one.

    To test the low voltage circuit, a “control” will be needed - this is a 12 volt light bulb having a power of up to three watts.One wire going to the lamp is connected to the low voltage terminal, and the second to the vehicle mass. Then we manually close the contacts of the breaker-distributor and turn on the ignition. In this case, if the circuit is OK, then with open contacts, the lamp will light, and with closed, there is no. Extinguished when opened, the lamp indicates a malfunction of the primary winding of the ignition coil or its low voltage wires. The constant burning of the lamp, both when it is closed and when it is open, indicates the following causes of a malfunction:

    • About excessive oxidation of breaker contacts. They need to be cleaned and adjust the gap.
    • On the breakage of the wire going from the lever to the terminal.
    • On the breakage of the wire connecting the case with the movable disk of the breaker-distributor.

    Good road and less breakdowns.

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