• Why does the deja vu effect occur?

    Have you ever had the feeling that you have previously been in a given situation? You know exactly what will happen in the next minute, how the interlocutor will behave, what words you will hear and what you say yourself. And although this does not in any way relate to your past, you are absolutely sure that something like this has happened before.

    Experts call this feeling the effect of "deja vu". How to explain it, and why the deja vu effect occurs? Let's talk about this in more detail.

    The effect of deja vu: definition and causes

    Translated from French, “deja vu” means “already seen.” By such an unusual state is meant a situation that, as it seems to a person, has already happened. A strange feeling is accompanied by a sense of unreality of what is happening, which to some extent scares the participant of events. Some people so clearly “predict” every little thing, that sometimes they are even ready to believe in mysticism.

    What are the manifestations of deja vu?

    Such an amazing state can be compared with the effect of the second viewed film. The person does not remember the details, but clearly knows which episode will replace the previous one.He looks as if he is detached from reality, realizing that he has become a participant in events that, by a strange coincidence, seem familiar to him. At the moment of déjà vu, the pictures of the events experienced are smeared, as a result of which a person can lose the limits of time.

    Who and when experiencing the effect of deja vu?

    According to scientists, almost all people at least once faced with this mysterious phenomenon. Surprisingly, most often deja vu happens to patients with epilepsy, schizophrenia, or senile psychosis. In order to understand its nature, experts tried to induce this state artificially, but it was proved that it arises involuntarily, therefore, forcing the subject to "see" something consciously is not yet possible.

    Why is deja vu happening?

    To date, several hypotheses have been put forward about what the appearance of deja vu is connected with, but none of them has received scientific confirmation.

    The most popular version of the occurrence of the effect of the “previously seen” event is a change in the way time is encoded in a particular area of ​​the brain. Due to the fact that there is a one-time processing of events that occurred in the past and present, there is an "overlay" of one process to another, which leads to separation from reality.As a result, the present is “stretched out”, enclosing the pictures of previous events.

    Deja vu and dreams

    Another explanation offered by scientists is related to dreams. It is believed that a person who has seen a vivid and memorable dream, as it were, “pulls” the events he has seen from the brain and transforms them into a real similar situation. As a result, the details of the dream are mixed with current events, forming a woven picture of images, dialogues, actions.

    Unfortunately, no one has yet managed to find the true reasons for deja vus. It is only known that everyone can experience such a state and retain a strange sensation experienced for many years.

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