• Why dream of wine?

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    Why dream of wine?

    The wine seen in a dream can be interpreted in absolutely different ways. It all depends on what kind of wine was in your dream and what actions you performed with it. We offer to know what dreams of wine of different varieties.

    Wine in a dream: interpretation

    Wine seen in a dream is a harbinger of a cheerful noisy feast in good company. From close people you will receive support and understanding at the right moment.

    • Pour wine by the glass - you have to travel to fascinating and beautiful places.
    • Drinking wine in a dream and not getting drunk - says that you are self-sufficient and you do not care about the opinions of others.
    • Drinking wine with other people - get strong friendship or love with them (if we are talking about a person of the opposite sex).
    • Pouring wine or breaking a bottle is a warning sign that says that you will soon find the happiness that you need to take care of and appreciate, otherwise it will leak from you and a black stripe will come in life.

    Red wine

    • Red wine, seen in a dream - a symbol of prosperity, enjoyment of life and well-being.It also heralds passionate love and self-confidence.
    • Drinking red wine or looking at it during a tasty meal is an extremely auspicious sign, foreshadowing good news and a successful completion of all the cases started.
    • Smash a bottle of red wine or spill it without feeling sorry - soon you will experience an incredible passion in a relationship.

    White wine and sweet wine

    White wine in a dream foreshadows a successful acquisition or temptation, to which it will be impossible to resist. It is also possible that you yourself will become a tempter for another person.

    Feel in a dream the sweet taste of wine - all the most cherished dreams will soon come true.

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