• Why dream of a red kitten?

    Ekaterina Ermolaeva
    Ekaterina Ermolaeva
    March 10, 2015
    Why dream of a red kitten?

    Cats for a long time are for a man friends, pets and just the cutest creatures. And as kittens all the more - not for nothing that they are called fluffy lumps of happiness. And what if such a lump unexpectedly dreamed you? Yes, and fiery red? Let's see, why dream ginger kitten.

    This dream has several fundamentals in itself - the animal itself and its color are important. You can read more about each component in our articles:

    In the same article we will try to reveal the meaning of a more specific dream.

    Ginger kitten: interpretation of sleep

    Red color, being a symbol of deceit and betrayal, does not bode you any good. The red kitten is practically a demon in angelic guise. The way you relate to this living being in a dream also determines the interpretation of your dream.

    • If a kitten attacks you, scratches, bites, it foreshadows your rivals. Rivalry can be both in private life and in business.
    • If in a dream you managed to get rid of a kitten, then problems and other people's machinations will bypass you.
    • If the kitten managed to get into your hands, and in a dream you felt tenderness to him, smoothed his fur - then in reality, most likely, you burned a snake. It is worth paying attention to the circle of your communication - someone to whom you are good, dislikes you and can interfere.

    Pay attention to how the kitten looked like:

    • If he was skinny and frail, then this dream speaks of fast bad news from your distant relatives.
    • If healthy and playful - then your enemies are stronger than you think.

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