• Why dream of a knife?

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    Why dream of a knife?

    Imagine a knife and watch your emotions. What associations do you have? Is it a symbol of courage and strength? Or a bad sign, foreshadowing quarrels and misfortune? And why dream of a knife? Maybe a dream warns about something, warns? Let's try to figure it out.

    Dreamed a knife: what to expect

    • In general, the dream knife is often associated with a quarrel or possible danger. Take a look around. Possible losses in business.
    • A rusty knife can dream if you are not satisfied with family matters. Perhaps you are waiting for separation from her lover.
    • Sharp, polished knives in a dream - a sign of alarm.
    • If you are dreaming of a broken knife - do not impose on someone or something a lot of hope, they may fail.
    • The girl sees in a dream how the knife drops - know that the beloved is in a hurry to you.
    • A kitchen knife in a dream promises an invitation to dinner.
    • A dream or folding knife is a dream - a quarrel is possible, but not serious; she will quickly settle.
    • Good luck and joy are waiting for someone who sharpens a knife in a dream.

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