• Why dream of hugging?

    Irina Kosheleva
    Irina Kosheleva
    August 6, 2012
    Why dream of hugging?

    The embrace is a manifestation of love and tenderness towards a person. Psychologists say that people who are not embraced feel insufficiently happy and loved. And why dream of hugging someone?

    A dream, where you hug a girl, promises you location and good relations with your friends. But if you are already a married man - not to avoid small sorrows in a marriage, a quarrel with your second half is possible. If in a dream you are embracing a person who you really do not know - this is definitely fortunate. And quite the opposite: when you have a friend or a good friend in your arms, get ready for sorrow.

    The interesting meaning of what dreams of hugging a guy. Girls, such a dream, alas, does not bode well. Most likely, it is a harbinger of illness or strong grief, perhaps even because of this guy.

    But if in a dream you are hugging your husband or wife, be sure to expect something good to happen. If you embrace one of your children, this is to a small quarrel in the family, but nothing serious.

    If you are embraced in a dream - rejoice, your beloved reciprocates you and, perhaps, loves you even more than you think. But if these embraces are unpleasant to you, or if a person whom you dislike is embracing you, then in real life you feel lonely even when you are surrounded by close friends.

    Hug love and sweet dreams more often!

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