• Why do people snore?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    June 1, 2012
    Why do people snore?

    The problem of why people snore has been studied since ancient times. It is known that men snore more often than women, but most likely this is due to the fact that men smoke more and consume more alcohol. Scientists have not yet found another explanation.

    Causes of Snoring

    • one of the main causes of snoring is overweight, it is only a quarter to move away from the ideal weight, snoring may immediately appear;
    • Antihistamines and sleeping pills can cause snoring, as they relax tissues in the head and neck area;
    • of the physiological features that provoke snoring, there may be enlarged tonsils or a curved nasal septum;
    • the reason may be even a big pillow, as there is an irregular bending of the neck;
    • Many are interested in the question of why people begin to snore with age - because with age, the muscles of the mouth and nose weaken.

    When a person snores in his sleep, ventilation of the lungs becomes difficult and oxygen enters the brain worse. This can cause such serious illnessesas a violation of the heart rhythm, heart overload, increased pressure, insomnia and, as a consequence, deterioration of general well-being during the day. First of all, the brain and the heart suffer from snoring, so there is a risk of apnea, and such people are prone to cardiovascular diseases. Just do not forget about the dangers of snoring to others. Usually a sleeping person does not hear his snoring, but people who sleep with him begin to suffer from insomnia and feel tired and irritated. The dependence of snoring and potency has also been studied, some scientists have found that snoring causes a decrease in sexual function in 80% of snoring.

    Ways to combat snoring

    • There are many ways to combat snoring, first of all, if snoring is associated with excess weight and alcohol, you should give up bad habits;
    • if snoring is associated with drugs - it is better to refuse them and find a full replacement.
    • in any case, you should do a wet cleaning before bedtime, as dry air has a bad effect on the nasopharynx. If sneezing bothers you with snoring, then perhaps these are symptoms of seasonal allergies.
    • An important step in getting rid of snoring is a change of posture in a dream - people who sleep on their side or stomach snore much less.
    • developed some means to get rid of snoring "muzzles" that make it difficult to breathe through the mouth, devices that allow to ensure that a person does not sleep on his back. Although most of them simply cause insomnia, they do not help to stop snoring.
    • There are special anti-snoring clinics - they offer laser sky plastics, electronic devices that record the appearance of snoring and make the sleeper change his position during sleep. There is also a special therapy aimed at "swelling" of the respiratory tract.

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