• Why do men of the same age go to the young?

    Wife has aged before him

    This, of course, is about the internal age, and not about the numbers in the passport. It is believed that our men are aging faster than women, reproaching them with unsportsmanlike and untidy, but this is again the outer age, because you can look for 35 years with smooth skin and slim figure, but at the same time grumbling like a granny in response to any failing partner . When a man is uncomfortable and depressing at home with the same age as his wife, he perceives his young partner to be in a good sense an unpredictable adventure, in which there will be both passion, and romance, and adrenaline. Imagine the difference that a man buys tickets to Paris to his wife and young mistress as a surprise, and think from which of them he is more likely to get a disapproving reaction in the spirit of “why didn’t he say earlier,” “I have enough cases” or “They don't do that without warning.” Inner old age comes at the moment when you cross out for yourself such a thing as spontaneity.

    Why do men of the same age go to the young?

    The man wakes up the second (or even the third) youth

    It is said that a young partner or a partner acts better than a rejuvenating agent, although in fact it’s rather a question that you are “younger” precisely the opportunity to make a choice in favor of this partner and drastically change your life. You can describe this gesture with the now fashionable concept of “getting out of the comfort zone,” or you can with the banal desire to realize that, like at 18, your life is in your hands. This may explain the divorces "out of the blue", when paired with everything looks fine, but one of the partners understands that his dreams have remained unfulfilled, and old age is near. In this case, neither a sense of duty, nor pity will stop from radical measures, and the new novel is perceived as salvation, as an opportunity to feel again “on horseback” and to catch up.

    ... and behind it the second pubertal period

    Psychologists believe that after living around two thirds of life, a man can relive what is called a “teenage rebellion” when he is growing up. If we take a closer look at this situation, it really resembles the first pubertal crisis,when a man grows up and actually discovers for the first time for himself that he is the master of his life, and from that moment begins to resist any attempts by adults to influence themselves, starting from the fascination with subcultures and alternative musical currents and ending with the banal “grandmother out of my ears”. Approximately the same thing happens to a man after 40 years, but for a slightly different reason: he realizes that for the last few years his life has belonged to his family and work, and not to himself, and decides to rebel against routine and routine. During this period, many men not only leave the family, but also hit on new hobbies and try, as in advertising, to “take everything from life” and live to the fullest.

    Why do men of the same age go to the young?

    The sexual side of the issue

    Between 40 and 50 years, some men attend another crisis, which psychologists associate with the fear of losing sexuality. It is in this age interval that the so-called male menopause begins, which in fact does not bring them such hormonal torment as women, but the very realization that sexual functions are about to fall into decay, in some men develops into something like a phobia.They are afraid to prove unsuitable in bed and, in order to overcome this fear, seek confirmation of the opposite — their sexual power — in a variety of ways. Someone “hangs up” on pornography, although the last time I watched this kind of movie at the institute was, someone was desperately looking for novels on the side, someone was sitting down on sex toys and unconventional sex, and someone was looking for a young partner.

    Society is on their side

    Sad but true: the society treats young men much more loyally than women. The latter, after a certain age, are “written off” into the “mother-hostess” category, regardless of whether it is a married woman or a single woman with children, and women without children after 40 years are still seen as losers who have missed the last train. . A wealthy man in good shape and with a couple of gray hairs on his head is a trophy, a gift of fate and matured wine, to which a wide female audience responds - from his peers at the same financial level to smart nymphets who are looking for a sponsor and of life. " Thus, in the category of men who are between the ages of 40 and 50, as they say,“Nothing yet”, the choice is much wider and the temptations are much more, and they logically peck on youth and newness, expecting that the people around them will support and praise them in this decision.

    Why do men of the same age go to the young?

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