• Why do cats purr?

    Irina Vashchenko
    Irina Vashchenko
    February 1, 2013
    Why do cats purr?

    All cat owners know exactly why cats purr. If their darlings are warm, cozy and calm, they purr with pleasure. The rumbling is the most mysterious and, at the same time, the most wonderful sound that a domestic cat can make.

    Of all the vast feline family, only some small species can rumble. Purring jaguars, cheetahs, lynxes, pumas and our domestic cats. Until now, it is not fully known how exactly a delightful small motor works, vibrating in a fluffy body. Scientists have not come to a common opinion in response to the question of how cats purr, and why do they do it.

    It is generally accepted that cats have this original ability because their hyoid bone is stiff. It is the vibration of the vocal cords, together with the hyoid bone, that enables the cat to make continuous rumbling sounds. A unique feature of cats is that they can rumble with the same ease when inhaling and exhaling, at any position of the body, with the mouth closed, in a half asleep state.

    Purr treats

    Cats are breathing and breathing in the same rhythm. The ability to purr cats innate. Tiny kittens, recently born, already know how to purr with pleasure while eating. The adult cat purrs not only at the sight of a saucer of milk. Loud uterine rumbling cats publish next to their favorite owner, when they are absolutely happy with everything. A quiet soft rumbling indicates that the cat is bored and is thinking of a little sleep. Cat - mother rumbles between contractions during childbirth, calming her unborn kittens. Restless rumbling, more like a grunt, cats publish when extremely tense and very interested, for example, at the sight of a bird walking on the windowsill. There is another very unusual assumption of scientists why cats purr. They drew attention to the fact that sometimes cats purr when they are sick, and there is clearly nothing to be happy about. Some researchers believe that by purring in a certain sound range, cats can heal themselves.

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