• Why a man lies to a woman

    ������Perhaps, if this is repeated again and again, then it is quite reasonable not to cry in a pillow, and not threaten to leave, but just ask yourself the question: �For what reason does a man go on deceiving?� And if the answer to this question is not so fast, then you can try to find it by examining the most common causes of male lies:
    - you are constantly interested in what kind of relationship he has with his "ex" girlfriend. The man replies that he doesn�t even communicate with her - but you saw them together on the street just a few days ago ... Think: maybe the man is just tired of the �pressure� and therefore prefers to lie, rather than indulge in long explanations? Try to calm down. Most likely, it will take time, and your loved one will tell everything.
    - the man is late again for your meeting, and when he finally arrives, he begins to justify himself, to invent absolutely unbelievable excuses. In this case, most likely, he is simply afraid to admit his own punctuality and forgetfulness.
    - in the company of friends, your beloved, usually a modest and quiet person, suddenly begins to talk about some unprecedented achievements. In no case do not disclose it to strangers! Perhaps a person, therefore, is trying to unleash his own potential. But if you blame him for bragging, your relationship can be a great spoil. Better play along - see how your lover will be grateful to you!
    - Yesterday he promised to wash the dishes, sweep the floor and buy food for the week ahead. But the day passed, and no promise was fulfilled. In this case, the man begins to lie that he was very busy and could not fulfill the promise. Don't worry, just punish him a little. Didn't buy groceries? Left without dinner. And so in all. But, in any case, do not scandal. You love your man, which means you are ready to forgive his shortcomings. Most likely, he will cease to deceive when he is able to assert himself and understand that you can be trusted.

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