• Who will be engaged in a cargo transportation on the Queen?

    Our office is moving soon. And it will be necessary for the transportation of things someone connect. Maybe you can tell private owners or good companies, who will go to the Queen?
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    You can find private owners through sites ads, for example, Avito. There many people offer their services. But if you have a company, you probably need to formalize everything? Not everyone has an IP.
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    Margarita suomalainen
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    My brother works in a freight shipping company. I can give his contacts. If necessary, then write to me in PM. I'll tell you everything.
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    I know that the company Domovozik is engaged in cargo transportation in Korolev, here you can read more about everything. In fact, I do not advise working with private owners. Because nobody controls the quality of their work. Reviews can not be read anywhere. Surely have to be transported and valuables.

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