• Who owns the number?

    Often we are confronted with a situation where we are calling to a mobile or landline phone from an unknown number. And the question arises as to what to do in such a situation: to pick up the phone or not?

    There are people who do not pick up the phone when they are called from unknown numbers, because they do not want to talk to strangers. But there are situations when a familiar person calls from an unknown number for some urgent matter that needs to be resolved.

    Sometimes incomprehensible calls are constantly being sent to the phone number - silence in the handset, unknown people require the card number and codes to receive the prize. And even simple telephone hooliganism can infuriate us.

    So, if you have just such a situation, you should figure out who owns the phone number from which they are calling you. After all, if fraudsters call, they can be brought to justice.

    Call to landline with caller ID

    Many landline phones are equipped with a number identification system. Agree, it is very convenient to see who is calling you.However, there is also a "reverse" device - the anti-identifier of the number. Many scammers just use it. How, then, to determine who owns the number? You can find out the owner in several ways:

    • Appeal to the telephone directory.
    • Make a request to the help desk.
    • Appeal to the help of the Internet. The current capabilities of the global network make it possible to use extensive telephone directories. If we find a good online directory, then perhaps we will find out not only the name and surname of the caller (or the owner of the phone number, these may be different people), but also the address.
    • If the number belongs to an organization, then it will be much easier to find it on the Internet than the number of an individual, since organizations give information about themselves on the network, place ads, and some of them are marked on Yandex cards along with details. Try to enter a phone number in the search box - it is quite possible that you will find something.
    • And, of course, we have every right to contact the police. If from a particular phone number they constantly call and are silent on the phone or require any personal data (address, bank account numbers, etc.), then this is a good reason to write a statement to the police.

    Call to mobile phone

    We will tell you how to determine (reveal) the caller's number with the “Anti-identifier” service for the main mobile operators in Russia.


    This provider provides the function “MTC number super identifier”. With this feature, you can see the number of the subscriber who chose to hide it.

    To activate the service, dial the combination: * 101 * 410 # or send an empty message to the number 3410. The service is available for subscribers of both the Prepaid category and the Contract. You can also use the services of the operator.

    As a result of the service activation, all hidden numbers will be determined. This is a paid service, details can be found on the official website of the mobile provider.


    The service is also called “Super Determinant of Number”. To activate the service, dial * 502 # and the "Call" button. During the day the service will be connected to your number.


    By analogy with the operator MTS and Megaphone, the service is called “Super Caller ID”. To connect you need to dial the command * 110 * 4161 # and click on the call.


    The operator Tele2 in this situation offers the service “Identifier of Intentionally Hidden Numbers”.Using it, by analogy with previous operators, you can identify the caller's number, even if he has the Anti-AON service activated.

    You can activate this service using the combination * 210 * 1 # and a call. The service is available for all Tele2 tariff plans.

    Call to mobile using caller ID

    Who can provide information about the caller? This question interests many people suffering from the constant calls of scammers or hooligans. Follow the detailed instructions:

    1. Write down the phone number.
    2. Make a call to the support service of a mobile operator. For example, 111 for MTS. The numbers of reference services of mobile operators can be found on the Internet, and the phones of such services are always recorded on a SIM card. Therefore, if you have not deleted these numbers, feel free to dial them. Calls to such numbers from a mobile are free.
    3. Usually on such numbers answers the answering machine with a programmed menu. Listen to the menu and select the category of the question that you have. For example, "Security" or something like that.
    4. When you have selected a category, usually after all the information has been provided, the robot offers a choice: go to the previous menu, go to the main menu and contact the operator.Click on the corresponding item “Contact Operator” number on your phone and wait for communication with the operator. This may take several minutes, because the operator may be busy talking to another subscriber.
    5. Call the operator the mobile phone number you wrote out. It must be 11 digits. By the first digits, you can easily determine the mobile operator of this subscriber.
    6. The operator, if it is possible to provide personal information of the subscriber, will tell you the subscriber's data.

    It is worth noting that the provision of confidential information is not included in the competence of the mobile operator without good reason. But if you can convince the operator, then everything can turn out.

    How to recognize the caller

    1. If you get a call and are silent in the phone, a few hours after the call, call back the number that is disturbing you from an unknown number and try to start a conversation with the other person. You may recognize a person by voice, and this will be your friend.
    2. Purchase a CD with a database of phone numbers. Chances are good that this is where you will find the information you are interested in.
    3. Contact your private detective agency.Naturally, you will have to pay for the services, but sometimes it's worth it.

    Alternatively, if the information indicated above did not help, you can add the caller’s number to the black list, and then you will not be bothered by such calls. But if they call you constantly from different numbers, and this continues even after you have contacted the police, you should seriously get down to business and again write a statement to the police. Many phones have the function of recording a conversation - this will be proof that the fact of prosecution or fraud is present.

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