• Who is the asshole?

    Alexander Yulin
    Alexander Yulin
    July 31, 2012

    No one suspects that the word "asshole" has a deep and meaningful meaning and, by the way, is not at all obscene, as we are used to it from childhood (unfortunately, from childhood). Who is the asshole after all? About this and tell on.

    What does the word "asshole"

    The asshole is probably the only word that comes to us from the Karachay-Balkarian language. This Turkic word translates roughly as “a person without a goal who does not look for meaning in life” and in the original sounds like “mydyk”. When it came to the Russian language and whether it is preserved in use in modern Karachay-Balkar, I can not say for sure. But it was fun to learn its origin and significance from the article by a Türkologist.

    Who is the asshole in the modern slang sense? This is a fool who commits stupid and rash acts that cause a lot of trouble to others, or annoying their appearance and behavior of some people. In such situations they usually say: "Well, you and the asshole!", "Well, you asshole!". It can be used in a mockingly derogatory form, for example, in the company of friends, and it can be an abusive word. You can also be an asshole in life, to lead a lifestyle of asshole.What is it and how to stop living that way, you will learn further from this article.

    Who can be called an asshole

    Well, it’s hard to call the president an asshole, because he knows his purpose and makes sense in life, whatever they may be. The same applies to deputies, mayors and governors. But an ordinary man with golden hands, who earns them except for vodka - an asshole with a capital letter, because he spends his life force on all sorts of nonsense. Assholes are those who all summer play WOW instead of finding a girlfriend or going to the gym. You can also call an "stupid" person an asshole who does not understand what he is doing, he is behaving foolishly, thoughtlessly, inadequately.

    Why am I an asshole?

    I asked myself the same question only a couple of years ago, but then abruptly changed my activities and engaged in self-development, that is, I stopped being an asshole. If you ask this question, then:

    • Relate yourself to the meaning of the word "asshole". Find a purpose in life! Take care of yourself! Find a girlfriend! Stop sitting in the VC! Go to the horizontal bars! Stop being a wicked man !!!
    • The meaning of the word "asshole" should not offend you, but, on the contrary, spur to self-development, creativity, and therefore, to success!
    • Remember that only an asshole to the last will give up the fact that he is an asshole. If you understand that you are an asshole and not just an asshole, but an Asshole, then you should not be upset and withdraw into yourself. These traits are inherent only in assholes.
    • Make a face a la "challenge accepted" and improve your life through sport, creativity and self-development. Stop communicating with other assholes, better help them find themselves.

    And understand that the meaning of the word "asshole" is more positive than negative. Proper understanding of it will help you grow, so do not become self-contained.

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