• Who is suitable for twins?

    Olga Kravchenko
    Olga Kravchenko
    May 2, 2015
    Who is suitable for twins?

    Twins are always very sociable, emotionally open and active people. They are mobile, purposeful, have a high need for spiritual development.

    On a horoscope, they need people who can satisfy their need for rich communication.

    Who is suitable for the Twins for a successful relationship?

    A twin woman needs a man to whom she can equal herself, who will not only keep up with her mentally and physically, but also in some way surpass her. For a twin man, boredom is the worst enemy, which is why he will be waiting for adventures, interesting ideas and constant food for the mind from his second half.

    Both the man and the woman of this sign are very inconstant, so it’s very difficult to hope for a quiet home comfort with them.

    The most successful for Gemini will be the relationship with other signs of the Air: Libra, Aquarius, Gemini. Marriage with Aquarius is very similar to friendship, namely, such marriages are the most durable. Libra and Gemini get along well, their temperaments match well.

    Gemini can also communicate very harmoniously with Sagittarius, with whom they have much in common, despite the fact that in astrology these signs are considered opposite. Compatibility with Sagittarius largely depends on each particular pair - relationships can be both a real catastrophe and an example of an ideal union. The main thing is to take into account the peculiarities of these complicated signs and to give in to each other.

    But with the substantial representatives of the signs of the earth, the inconstant Gemini has little in common. A marriage with Taurus can last a very long time if Taurus will patiently endure all the antics of his second half. A marriage with the Virgin or Capricorn is considered the most unfortunate for Gemini. Such couples have almost no points of contact, and views on life too much contradict each other.

    Union with Leo is very favorable. Bright, strong, prone to freedom and lightness, Leo and Gemini are very suitable for each other. Relations with Aries are built very well, this union is especially good in sexual terms. If Aries is satisfied with the changeability of Gemini, then their marriage will be successful and joyful.

    But relations with Scorpios and Pisces are rather unfortunate.Power Scorpios are irritated by the imaginary superficiality of Gemini, and also by the fact that they cannot control them in any way, and the Fish will never receive from the Gemini the warmth and participation that they need. Gemini, in turn, will be hard and boring with Pisces. Cancers and Gemini have very little in common. Gemini Cancer will seem very mundane, and Cancers will suffer from a lack of support and attention, only mutual efforts can make such a marriage a success, but such an alliance will not be easy.

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