• Who is Santa Claus?

    Probably all children know who Santa Claus is. Who in childhood did not run on New Year’s morning to the Christmas tree for the gifts that Santa Claus specially delivered at night? Who among us did not write to Santa Claus about what gift he wants to receive? In our article we will try to consider the history of this fairy-tale character, as well as its main attributes.

    Santa Claus is considered the main magic character on the New Year holiday, the main function of which is to give gifts to children. Santa Claus takes its roots in Slavic mythology, where his character personified the winter frosts, as well as cold and fierce cold. The creation of the New Year's tradition, which has come down to our days, falls on the middle of the 19th century, when throughout the country a certain fairy-tale donor, Frost, was introduced to children in the winter for Christmas and bringing gifts. After the revolution, Santa Claus, as a character, was persecuted until 1935, when the country decided to restore the New Year celebration and spent the first Christmas tree. Since then, Santa Claus has become a symbol of the New Year, which fulfills children's wishes and leaves toys under the Christmas tree.

    Anyone who knows who Santa Claus is should know his dwelling place.Great Ustyug is now officially recognized as the birthplace of Father Frost, and his residences are located in Arkhangelsk, Murmansk, Chunozer and near Petrozavodsk. More information about its location can be found in the article - "Where does Santa Claus live?". If you want to write a letter to Santa Claus, then here is his address: 162340, Velikiy Ustyug, to Santa Claus.

    Santa Claus Attributes

    Russian Santa Claus has a number of differences from other Christmas donors traditionally accepted in other countries. To have an idea of ​​who Santa Claus is, we describe the main elements of his attire, transport and appearance:

    • Santa Claus clothing consists of the following elements:
      • red and blue and white attire, covered with patterns, silvery embroidery, white fur and swan down (fur coat, from which no pants are visible, since a short fur coat can destroy all solidity);
      • white belt with an ornament;
      • Boyar cap with a triangular neck at the forehead, embroidered with pearls and silver;
      • white boots;
      • silver-embroidered mittens.

    Nobody knows that Santa Claus is under a fur coat, as it is sacred and not publicly disclosed.

    • Appearance at Santa Claus has the following features:
      • wild beard, gray, long, disheveled by the wind (devoid of any curliness)
      • hair is thick and silvery;
      • impressive growth and size.
    • The staff is a straight crystal or silver stick, on top of which there is a round knob or handle in the shape of a star or a bull's head as a symbol of fertility.
    • The role of transport in Santa Claus is performed only by the Russian troika. At the same time, he does not travel across the sky, but along the ground, since, being considered flesh from the flesh of snow, earth, and nature, he should not break away from the roots. Santa Claus rides in a sleigh with bells, circling his wide possession.
    • Santa Claus always has a granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, who helps him with everything. This girl is dressed in white clothes with a crown of 8 rays on her head, decorated with pearls and silver. The Snow Maiden symbolizes frozen frozen waters.
    • The appearance of Santa Claus is purely sacred. Our Santa Claus will not crawl into any fireplace, so it appears in houses in some mystical way as a spirit. No one knows the exact description of his appearance, and all attempts to explain this mystery to the Western style are considered blasphemy.

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