• Who goes to the color of hair milk chocolate?

    If you decide to change or update the color of your hair, then pay attention to such a fashionable and bright shade as "milk chocolate". But first find out if it is right for you. Also useful would be information on how to get such a chic tone.

    Advantages and disadvantages of color

    The tint "milk chocolate" has a number of undeniable advantages:

    • This is a trendy color that has been in trend for several seasons in a row. In addition, it is often chosen by celebrities, such as Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez and the unsurpassed Angelina Jolie. The list is impressive, isn't it?
    • This shade can be safely called universal, because it fits many of the fair sex. More on this later.
    • If you want to drastically change the color, but do not decide on such a radical change, the tone of “milk chocolate” will be your golden mean, because it combines dark notes of chocolate and bright highlights of caramel.So if you decide to turn from a burning brown-haired woman into a blonde or vice versa, then do not rush and stop on milk chocolate. It will allow you to get used to the new image and to understand whether to go further.
    • To get such a color is easy enough if you take the choice of paint responsibly and use quality tools. And an experienced master hairdresser can all the more easily achieve the desired tone.
    • This shade is in the palettes of most paints, both professional and expensive, and budget.


    • Color when using poor-quality paint or improperly stained paint can "give" yellow or red.
    • Unfortunately, self-staining does not guarantee the desired result.

    Who is this shade?

    As noted above, the hair color “milk chocolate” can rightly be considered universal, and to a large extent it is due to the fact that it comes to many of the fair sex. But especially harmoniously, it will look on the curls of girls with the following features of appearance:

    • Beauty with dark skin. It will be shaded by soft milk chocolate, and the image will be sexy, but not aggressive.
    • Owners of blue or gray eyes. The look will be even more expressive and bright, if you emphasize it with such fashionable hair color.
    • Girls with olive, peach or beige skin. In this case, the shade will complement the image and make it notes of audacity, femininity and sexuality.
    • Owners of brown or green eyes will be able to make the image more expressive and harmonious with the help of milk chocolate on their hair.

    Do not dwell on this shade of pale-skinned women of the fair sex, as well as red-haired, having freckles. A bright face may seem pale, and "kisses of the sun" will cease to look cute and cheerful, as the locks, painted in a shade of "milk chocolate", will create a sense of disharmony.

    How to achieve the perfect color: the choice of paint

    Even if you have finally decided on the color, do not rush and "cut from the shoulder," because haste is not the best friend in any matters relating to appearance, especially hair color. Of course, experiments are great, but not in this case. And if you want to become the owner of the milk-chocolate curls, it will help you in this high-quality and well-chosen paint.

    It is necessary to choose the means of the most popular brands that have managed to find their niche in the cosmetic market. And better still stay on a professional brand. Anyway, the successful shades of “dairy” chocolate are offered by such manufacturers as “Schwarzkopf”, “Estel”, “L’oreal”, “Syoss”, “Garnier”, “Palette”.

    Specific shades as close as possible to the color “milk chocolate”: “Schwarzkopf Perfect mousse” (465, 500, 668), “L'oreal Casting Creme Gloss” (603), “Syoss Oleo Intense” (5-86 or 4-60 ), “Perfect mousse” (465, 500, 668), “Garnier Color Sensation” (7.12, and 6.0), Estel Essex "(7/71, 7/77)," Garnier Color & Shine "(especially successful 6 ), “Estel Love Intense” (shade 7/7), “Palette Mousse Color” (600).

    Tip: when choosing, you should focus not only on the tone stated on the package, but also on your own natural or existing hair color, because it directly affects the final result.

    Some rules and secrets of staining

    How to get the shade of "milk chocolate"? It is important not only to choose the right paint, but also to correctly paint.

    A few important rules and secrets:

    1. If you decide to become the owner of milk-chocolate curls from a blonde, then it is important to go to the final color gradually, otherwise you will not only not achieve the desired results, but also ruin your hair. The ideal option is a gradual coloring with a change in tone towards the dimming.
    2. Remember that dyed hair may lie completely differently.To minimize the risks of unwanted and unpredictable reactions, choose a paint of the same brand that was used previously.
    3. For a brunette or brown-haired, it is important not to overdo the clarification. Owners of ringlets of such tones, too, should act consistently and lighten hair gradually, and preferably with sparing dyes.
    4. Most of all lucky women of fair sex with chestnut and light brown hair, because they can quickly achieve the desired shade without a red or yellow tint.
    5. If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is advisable to contact an experienced, professional and highly skilled craftsman. He will be able to choose the perfect shade or create it himself by mixing several tones. In addition, the specialist will take into account all the features that minimize the risks of unexpected and unpleasant surprises.

    Choosing the shade of hair "milk chocolate", you will definitely become even brighter and more attractive!

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