• Who has contacts ENT?

    Advise a good ENT doctor or specialized clinic in Almaty. Very bad ear ache due to swelling in the nose. I delayed the visit, because I am afraid of any manipulations, such as punctures. But there is nowhere to pull, you urgently need an intelligent doctor.
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    Answered on September 12, 13:14
    It seems that you have not addressed Laura for a long time. In terms of the treatment of ENT organs, medicine has advanced far ahead. Of course, there are still doctors who use painful barbaric methods. But I try to avoid such ones. I heard positive reviews about a special catheter that is inserted into the sinuses without punctures. Here is one of such clinics that specializes in treating ears in Almaty. I wish to find my doctor and a speedy recovery!
    Answered on September 12, 13:24
    When the ears hurt, it is simply impossible to endure this pain. I remember how they pierced my sinuses and brought the infection, after which there were complications. So carefully choose the attending physician.
    Answered on September 12, 13:29
    You can not tolerate such pain! Go to the ambulance, let them give you first aid. And for treatment, go to the doctor. While you are looking for him, you lose time.

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