• Who are Pisces compatible with?

    Elena Sobol
    Elena Sobol
    December 7, 2012
    Who are Pisces compatible with?

    A fragile and always elusive, like his element - water, the sign of the zodiac of Pisces. Susceptible, intuitive, dreamer, indecisive and questioning everything, but it is this mystery, wisdom and gentleness that draws others to him. Proper understanding of their purpose in this life often pushes representatives of this sign to great sacrifices in the name of others. Who are compatible fish, such sacrificial and insecure? Who is compatible with fish who want to live with a sense of love, but their indecision does not give them confidence in this?

    What signs are Pisces compatible with?

    So, with what signs are fish compatible? Fish can find their happiness with ibex, calf, cancer, scorpion and maiden. You should not link your life with such zodiac signs as twins and scales.

    Pisces - Virgo

    Relationships that complement each other. This is a creative union, here the intuition of the fish gives the virgin a lot of mysterious and interesting material for creativity. This pair of idealists and mystics is a great option.

    Fish - Taurus

    Difficult relationships, a fusion of jealousy and passion. Taurus must show all his patience, since the changing nature of the fish and its mysteriousness can often be the reason for suspicion and reproach of fish for infidelity.

    Fish - Cancer

    The spiritual union on which everything else is built. It is because of high spirituality that in order for a union to be strong, sacrifice, trust and mutual understanding are necessary. Both signs are tuned to the same wavelength.

    Fish - Capricorn

    Both signs get along well with each other. They are united by a craving for reliability, constancy and romanticism. Pisces calm and comfortable with Capricorn, it gives them a sense of security and confidence. Capricorn in such a union takes the first, leading position, the fish obey, bringing softness, love and mutual understanding to the relationship.

    Fish - Scorpio

    This couple has a lot in common: friends, habits, attitudes, interests. Mutual feelings flash instantly. In this alliance, the leader is the scorpion, which treats the fish as a disciple, being its spiritual mentor. Together they are able to overcome any obstacles and hardships. They can not deceive each other, as both signs are shrewd and intelligent.

    It now remains to find out if the fish is compatible with fish. So, what to expect from the union of fish with fish? Such unions are quite common, as they are harmonious. However, it cannot be said that such relationships are always successful. In such alliances there are no raisins, sparks. There is no leader, the fish have no one to rely on to feel secure and confident. Despite the mutual understanding of partners, both will prefer not to enter into combat with the difficulties of life.

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