• Which spirals are better?

    The choice of contraceptives must be approached responsibly. Today, the most effective is the intrauterine device. What is it and which spirals are better? We will tell about it below.

    The IUD is a small plastic device that is inserted into the uterine cavity. It inhibits the progress of sperm and reduces the life of the egg and does not allow the fertilized egg to gain a foothold on the walls of the uterus. The degree of effectiveness of this method is 98%. According to the method of action, there are three types of spirals:

    • Copper - copper inhibits the activity of sperm, fertilization of the egg does not occur.
    • Progesterone - releasing system (ORS) affects not only mechanically, but also hormonally. In the cervix formed a high content of mucus, which prevents the penetration of sperm into the uterus.
    • Levonorgestrel-releasing system (LSR) is the most modern, hormonal coil.

    Spirals can be in the form of rings, loops, the letters "T", an umbrella or spirals. So, how to put a spiral? At the moment, the following products are most often used.

    Spiral: Nova T

    As the name implies, this product has a “T” shape. Vertically wound copper wire, horizontal branches are very plastic, which makes the input easier and painless. The service life of the spiral is 5 years.

    Juno Bio

    These spirals of domestic production may have a different shape. For example, “T” -shaped - E380, Juno Bio T has both ring-shaped and “T” -shaped forms, plus models with propolis (Super) and silver (Ag) are also produced.


    The shape resembles a semi-oval. On the branches there are small spikes, which help to better secure the helix in the uterus. The term of use is 5 years. There are various models that allow you to put data on spirals for women who have given birth and who have not given birth.


    Hormonal spiral of a new generation (LSR). It is considered the most effective today, but its price is appropriate. The service life of 5 years. About 20 µg of levonorgestrel is released from the cavity of the helix daily.

    Of course, these are not all varieties of IUDs. There are spirals with silver and gold cores. Such models not only prevent pregnancy, but also due to the presence of precious metals can treat inflammation.What intrauterine device to put in a spiral is chosen by the doctor. Rather, he tells you about the advantages and disadvantages of a species. But there are contraindications for all.

    When you can not put a spiral

    Below we list the cases in which it is impossible to put a spiral:

    • Pregnancy.
    • Cancer of organs in the pelvis.
    • Anomalies of development.
    • Blood disorders.

    These are the main contraindications. Before you buy a spiral, you must be examined by a doctor. Navy set healthy, mostly women who gave birth. This is done on the 5-8 day from the date of the beginning of the month in a medical institution, by a doctor. Which intrauterine device is better? The one that suits you. A properly installed IUD should not cause discomfort and discomfort. Now consider the arguments in support of the spiral and against it.

    For the Navy

    • This is the most effective way to prevent pregnancy.
    • Minimal risk of complications.
    • Long service life.
    • Available to all.
    • Do not remember every day, drank the pill or not.
    • Sudden sex will not take you by surprise, you are always protected (if the partner is permanent).

    Against the navy

    • The risk of ectopic conception is 4 times higher than that of those without an IUD.
    • Menstruation may become longer and more painful.
    • Sometimes, the spiral can spontaneously fall or fall out.
    • When having sex with a non-regular partner, additional protection from "indecent" diseases is needed.

    What a good spiral, and what is not, is hard to say. This is purely individual, but every woman with the IUD should remember:

    • Periodically it is necessary to check yourself, sticking threads from the cervix or not. Their length must be constant. If something goes wrong, go to the doctor right away.
    • Be careful not to be heavy, the spiral can move.
    • See your doctor once in 6 months.
    • Do not use spiral longer than the specified period. Pull IUD should doctor.
    • If you experience severe pain and heavy bleeding, be sure to go to the hospital.

    IUD is the cheapest method of contraception, and if there are no contraindications, you are married and no longer plan children, you can safely put a spiral. The main thing is to comply with all recommendations for use.

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