• Which iPhone is better?

    For quite a long period of time, namely a few years, the iPhone is at the first stage of world rankings. Indeed, there are a huge number of analogues, but more and more consumers are convinced that the gadget is not yet better than the iPhone yet. But here the question arises: which iPhone is better? Indeed, among them several models were produced and put on the market, namely from the first to the fifth. In this article we will provide information about what differences they have and what are their advantages of the fourth and fifth models, which will allow you to make a choice without difficulty.

    iPhone 4s VS iPhone 5s

    We decided to sort out these models in more detail, as buyers doubt whether it is worth overpaying and buying the latest model or staying on an older model. Naturally, all in one voice shout that the best iPhone 5s, but this is quite an expected reaction to the latest models. And yet we will try to understand what is so incredible in it and what distinguishes it from the previous model.

    The main differences

    Any iPhone, a good phone, and there is no doubt about it, and Apple rather quickly convinced everyone.But really, there are some differences in the appearance and functionality of each model. Namely:

    • iPhone 4s - 3.5 inch screen; resolution - 960 × 640 pixels; body of glass and steel, weight - 140 grams; memory resolution - 32 GB.
    • iPhone 5s - 4 inch screen; Resolution - 1136 × 640 pixels; housing made of glass and aluminum, weight - 112 grams; memory resolution - 32 GB.

    Based on the above data, it is safe to say that it is still the best iPhone 5. Since the screen resolution directly indicates that the pixel density is higher, respectively, and the image quality will be higher than in the previous model. In addition, given the materials from which this model is made of the iPhone, it is not only stronger, but also lighter in weight. Although at the same time, many people say that they feel discomfort from the fact that it is so light, but this is just a matter of time during which a person will get used to this feature, because other iPhones were heavier.

    As for the other earlier models of iPhones, then they probably should not even be compared, because many of them have a small amount of memory and much less functionality, which cannot be said about the latest and previous models.In addition, they are already difficult to find on sale. Since new items are always in a short time pushing out from the market everything that is already outdated and is not functional. Of course, it is worth noting that the price of an iPhone 5 is different from an iPhone 4, but this difference is not so big. In any case, we know what we give our money for, because today, the iPhone 5s is considered the best in the whole world. And it will remain so for a long time, due to its functionality.

    So, considering the capabilities of the iPhone 5s, now there can not even be questions about which iPhone is better. After all, it is he who actually has only advantages and no flaws. And its impeccable and fast execution of all existing functions only confirms this. In addition, developers of games and various programs from Apple are increasingly focused on this model. Therefore, acquiring an iPhone 5, you will be able to take advantage of all possible applications and new products.

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