• Where to put mustard plasters?

    Alena Anisimova
    Alena Anisimova
    January 28, 2013
    Where to put mustard plasters?

    Everyone knows that mustard plasters are a very cheap and effective remedy when dealing with cough. But in order for the treatment to be as effective as possible, you need to know where to put the mustard plasters. We will try to find out today.

    The benefits of mustard plaster lies in the property of irritating the skin. In the course of the reaction of hot water with a mustard plaster, mustard oil and phytoncides are formed, which cause irritation. Irritation in turn leads to an increase in blood levels of adrenaline, which enhance the protective properties of the body. Also contribute to the expansion of blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

    The place on which to put mustard plasters depends primarily on the disease. If you have a runny nose or headache, then the application should be put on the back of the head. If tracheitis - on the upper chest. In case of pneumonia or bronchitis - under the scapula and between them.

    Mustard plasters when coughing: where to put

    Most often mustard plasters are used when coughing (especially if it is protracted).Put them on the back and chest, under the shoulder blades or between them. You can put mustard plasters on your feet or on your calves. Or do it on the feet and calves, and wear wool socks on top. You will get the so-called "mustard boots." Never put mustard plasters on the places with damaged skin or on sensitive areas of the body.

    Mustard plaster for children: where to put

    If you are going to put mustard plasters to a child, then this should be done very carefully, especially if your baby is not yet one year old. To avoid burns, mustard plasters for children are put on top of a double layer of gauze, previously soaked in warm water (38-39 degrees). If the child is older, then use one layer of gauze. The procedure itself should not be longer than 15 minutes. If the child is very worried about burning, then it can be reduced to 5 minutes. The procedure is usually done at night, preferably an hour before bedtime.

    After you remove the mustard plaster, you must remove the mustard powder that remains from the skin. After 30 minutes, the area on which you put mustard plasters can be smeared with baby cream.

    Please note that the child must not put mustard plasters on the spine, lower back, and the skin area that is located above the heart (the heart area).You should not put mustard plasters and at a temperature, as it can rise even higher, which will be a big load for the body. Shoot her down to at least 37 degrees.

    What to look for

    Put mustard plaster can be no more than four days in a row. But be sure to do it once a day, without interruption. If you use mustard plasters many times, the risk of an allergic reaction and personal intolerance is not excluded. Therefore, if after four days you do not see any improvements, it is better to stop this activity. Perhaps your disease has developed into something more or you are simply not sensitive to such therapy.

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