• Where to go to children in Moscow?

    Where to go with children in Moscow to have fun, have fun and spend time? Finding a place to go with the kids is easy. Enough to go to special sites, where in a convenient form presented billboard of events. Information is current and constantly updated with fresh news. We chose 5 interesting places to go with children in Moscow.

    Active and bright holiday

    Want to make your child an unforgettable birthday? The network of rope parks under the cheerful name “PandaPark” invites you to organize a stunning holiday that will give the birthday man a lot of joyful emotions. "PandaPark" is an adventure quest with tests for strength, agility and intelligence. Bring here a team of friendly kids, and together they will overcome an obstacle course.

    The theme of the holiday depends on your preferences and the age of the children. The program can participate guys from 3 years. Visit the event website for detailed information.

    Day at the museum

    Darwin Museum contains tens of thousands of exhibits, and each of them has its own history. There are so many exposures here that the eyes run up. They say that in a month the whole museum cannot be examined. More information about the museum can be found here:.

    Guided tours are offered for children under 10 years old, high school students, high school students and adults. Young children can visit “Visiting Kolobok”, where a guide in Kolobok’s costume will tell them about animals in fairy tales and nature. From December 19, 2014 to January 1, 2015, the museum will host the exhibition “Animals in Riddles”, where children can get acquainted with the animal world of the Earth, guessing poetic riddles.

    Our smaller brothers

    Zoo "Wonderful Paradise" fully corresponds to its name. This is the place where the friendly animals live, which you can caress and feed. Wavy parrots, pigeons, pheasants, peacocks, rooster and chicken, rabbits, guinea pigs, dwarf goats, owl Oscar, raccoon-poloskun Bonia are always welcome to little visitors. Children will be able to chat with the cutest creatures, stroke little animals and birds, sit next to them. In the usual zoo, no one will do this, but here direct communication with animals is welcome. More information about the zoo can be found on the website.

    Cozy "Living House"

    An old mansion, a kindling fireplace, a lovely garden with trees and flowers ... Idyll, isn't it? In the "Living House" on Arbat it will be pleasant to be all. It is always warm, cozy and the sea of ​​interesting activities. In the Urban Dacha you can stay at least for days. Time flies by unnoticeably while playing games, talking with teachers and drinking tea.

    Children are invited to learn the basics of pottery and learn how to sculpt beautiful products from clay. In the form of a game, children solve mathematical examples and rebuses, conduct interesting physical experiments, invent fairy tales, draw book illustrations and even learn English. Detailed information on the site.

    Ride with the wind

    Waterpark "Kva-Kva Park" - an amazing place for an active and fun-filled holiday. Water slides, caves and grottoes, a swimming pool with hydromassage, baths and saunas, many SPA procedures. The kids will be delighted with the riding on water slides and rides, shooting from water cannons. They will be able to swim in the pool and stand under a waterfall. The water park has a very pleasant atmosphere, it wants to come back again and again. You can get acquainted with the prices and see the photos on the official website.

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