• Where to go in Moscow?

    Many travelers are faced with the fact that they do not know the place to visit in Moscow in the evening or at night. There are a lot of options, and at different times of the day. Having walked around Moscow, you get the impression that Muscovites never sleep, but only work and have fun. Let's look at this article, where you can go in Moscow. This wonderful city is a center of cultural leisure for people from all over the world. Having been in the capital at least once, you will certainly want to return there.

    Where to go for a walk in Moscow

    • In the evening you can attend a movie session. Agree, this is not bad at all. You come to the cinema, sit in a comfortable, upholstered chair, run your hand into a bucket of popcorn and enjoy watching an interesting movie. The most popular theaters in Moscow today are the Karo Film Atrium, which is located not far from the Kursk railway station on the Garden Ring, and October on the New Arbat. The Strela is the most popular and comfortable, as there is a button in each chair to call the waiter, who can order a late dinner.
    • Considering where to go in Moscow at night, it is impossible not to mention a dating party. You can spend a romantic evening in the company of new friends visiting the Dating Club "Romantic City". It is he who holds a variety of flirting parties with a specially designed atmosphere.
    • If you are still puzzled by the question of where to go in Moscow today, you can attend a Speed ​​dating party. This is where you can get a lot of new friends. At such parties, a very exciting entertainment program that will help everyone to find not just new friends, but also a soul mate. Within a few hours you will not get bored. You will be given a card on which you will mark everyone with whom you would like to become better acquainted, and if your wish is mutual, the party organizer will give you the phone number of the object of your sympathy.

    Cultural program for the day

    • One of the most popular streets of Moscow is Arbat. It is located not far from Smolensk Square. It was Arbat that was perpetuated by poets and writers in their poems and songs. On the Arbat a lot of different attractions. For example, the theater. Vakhtangov.
    • It should be noted Tretyakov Gallery. This is the famous Moscow Museum of Art, which was founded in 1856 by the merchant Pavel Tretyakov. The Tretyakov Gallery is recognized as one of the largest museums in the world.
    • Red Square. This is the most popular square in all of Russia. It is located on the northeast side of the Kremlin, in China Town. The Pokrovsky Cathedral, GUM, VI Mausoleum are located on this square. Lenin, Cathedral of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God.
    • Museum named after A.S. Pushkin - one of the most significant and largest museums of world art.
    • Crimean bridge. It is a suspension bridge that crosses the Moscow River and connects Krymsky Val Street and Krymskaya Square.
    • The Moscow Kremlin, which is located in the heart of Russia. His golden domed temples, powerful towers and strong walls, ancient palaces and palaces are located on Borovitsky hill. They are a unique architectural and artistic value. It is in the Kremlin that the residence of the President is located.
    • You can also visit the Museum of Soviet slot machines. Visiting this institution, you are transported into the past for many years ago. About forty kinds of slot machines are presented to the attention of visitors.Some of them are still in working condition.
    • Ostankino tower. This is the tallest television tower. Its height is five hundred forty meters. Ostankino television tower has forty-five floors, several dozen ring areas and balconies.
    • The Intercession Cathedral, which is also a temple of the Orthodox Church and a museum.
    • Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ. The structure was recreated in the 1990s.
    • Gorky Park. This is a very large park located in the center of Moscow.

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