• Where to go in Kiev?

    Kiev is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in Ukraine. In it, everyone can find something interesting for themselves. Consider the most attractive places for tourists and local residents.

    For lovers of history and culture


    Your trip to Kiev should start with Khreshchatnik. This place is perfect for those who love lively squares. There are fountains, flowers, many cafes and restaurants. In the summer - one of the best places for hiking, and in the winter - for skating. It is here in the New Year people are going to ride and celebrate their favorite holiday.

    The historical part of the city

    Be sure to visit the Old Town, where the Tithe Church, the Golden Gate, Lviv Square, Vladimirskaya Gorka and many other interesting places are located.

    Kiev-Pechersk Lavra

    If you want to see a truly magnificent church, then be sure to go to look at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. This is a whole temple complex, where there are not only churches, but also museums. Moreover, here you can take a walk along the alley of the garden, eat at the bakery, which serves excellent pastries, fresh bread and a variety of dishes.

    St. Sophia Cathedral

    Do not pass by the Cathedral of St. Sophia. This is a real monument of ancient Russia. The complex includes not just the oldest buildings, but real architectural monuments. The frescoes that amazed the artists of the Renaissance, the monastery garden, where young couples and adults will enjoy walking, are just a small part of what the Cathedral can surprise.

    Theater Operetta and Philharmonic

    For lovers of art and theater should be noted Operetta Theater and the National Philharmonic. Also pay attention to the Kiev Puppet Theater. For lovers of alternative art, we recommend visiting the studio "Black Square".

    Nicholas Church

    This place is also called the house of organ music. Here everyone can listen to real organ music.

    Museum of the Great Patriotic War

    If you like the subject of the Great Patriotic War, then the road to the museum of the Great Patriotic War will be yours. Here you will find not only exhibits that have been restored and preserved in their original form, but also weapons from the Second World War. And everywhere you can take pictures.

    Turbin House

    This house actually belongs to the Bulgakov family.It was there that the writer Mikhail Bulgakov lived with his parents. There is now a museum in which you can see the life that once surrounded the young Mikhail Bulgakov.

    For lovers of entertainment

    In Kiev, like any large city, there are many places worth visiting for fans of entertainment. One of these places is the club "City Beach Club". This institution fully meets its name - there are many beautiful pools in it, everyone has the opportunity to sunbathe in a lounge chair, order drinks.

    If you love nature, then Kiev is just made for you. There are so many beautiful places that your eyes run up! Be sure to go for a walk along the Dnieper. Take a boat, camera or video camera and go! You will see many natural beauties that will give you many pleasant impressions.

    For those who like to watch a movie, without leaving the car, we recommend to visit a unique place of its kind - Avtoteatr Arthouse cinema, which is located near the shopping center "Atmosphere". The theater always offers its guests the most interesting news in the world of arthouse.

    If you want to take care of your health and at the same time experience immense bliss, we recommend visiting the Aquaton Float Center, where you can visit a special float capsule.Its essence is to provide a relaxing effect with water. You will soar in this capsule in absolute silence.

    If you want something really unusual, then you need to go to the House-Changeling. There is a row of rooms, where all the furniture is literally turned upside down. In fact, you walk on the ceiling. Such an unusual approach to the interior has its trump card: the guests in such a house just can’t figure out what’s happening for many minutes, and it seems to many that they are about to fall! This is a real attraction for those who want to tickle their nerves.

    Of course, this is not all the opportunities for the residents of the capital and the arrived traveler. In Kiev, as in the developed and large capital, you can visit a lot of master classes, walk through a large number of parks. It is hardly possible to list all the sights and interesting places of this city within the framework of one article.

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