• Where to find a gun?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    January 12, 2015
    Where to find a gun?

    A pistol is a non-automatic (less often automatic) short-barreled fire, pneumatic or signal weapon. Pistols of various classes are designed mainly for hitting targets at a distance of 20 to 50 meters. In order to protect their lives and their families, sometimes people start thinking about where to find a gun. In Russia, there are many different stores with a license to sell weapons.

    Fire Pistol

    A firearm mainly consists of a shock-start structure, which is driven by an open trigger. Bullets with a caliber of 5 to 7 mm and from 15 to 20 mm are used in most of the guns. You can purchase a firearm only if you have permits for its purchase, storage and carrying. For example, the store provides services for the sale of firearms for self-defense. The shop is located at: Kaluga region, Obninsk, Kievskoe highway, 11 B.

    Air gun

    A pneumatic pistol is a type of small arms, a feature of which is that a projectile from this weapon flies out under the influence of compressed gas. This weapon can be bought even in the online store without any permits, as the air gun does not belong to a firearm. For example, in the online store you can choose for yourself any suitable for the price and quality of the gun. Also, there is a wide choice in Moscow, for example, you can visit the store located at the address: Leningradskoe Highway, 13 km from Moscow Ring Road, Chernaya Gryaz, 3.

    Flare gun

    The signal pistol belongs to the firearm, which shoots special signal rockets. Usually used for signaling, mainly used only by the military. You can buy a signal pistol with the appropriate license. With this permission, you can easily buy a gun in the online store.

    When you buy a gun, you must remember that no documents and licenses for carrying a weapon take away responsibility for its use.

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