• Where to download mp3 for free?

    If you are a fan of music novelties or a music lover, then surely you are wondering about where to download mp3 for free? After all, to pay for each song is not profitable, because it pretty much hits the pocket. However, you can still save your hard-earned money; you only need to have a list of sites where you can download songs for free. However, some of them will have to view ads. So, catch the list and enjoy your favorite music for free.

    Sites for downloading free music

    • zvuki.ru is the largest and very popular Russian music site, where about fifty thousand songs of various genres are located for download. From rock and pop to trance and classics.
    • mp3.mp3s.ru - this site contains a lot of music, which is constantly updated and checked for viruses. There are very rare things that are not on such sites.
    • musicmp3.spb.rump3 - has a pretty good music archive and pretty good download speed. There are many genres of music on this site, but with a classic, trance and ethno - strained.
    • zaycev.net is one of the most popular music music sites from which anyone can download for free. It is often updated and there are always a lot of new products, different musical styles, besides classical music.
    • qsound.ru - A lot of new music, but often broken links, you can also find clips to these songs. Here is the music of the most popular genres, easy search.
    • mp3.elizov.com is not very rich in music, and new items are not added very often, but dead links aren�t caught up, and songs are downloaded quickly. Basically here is pop, rock and rap music, but you can find some other directions.
    • music.download.com - a lot of music, even download ... Having come to this site, many music lovers will not know where to download free mp3 music, as the collection is really impressive.
    • metalarea.org - is dedicated to "heavy" music. If you want to download, you will need to register, the download speed is quite high.
    • mp3-az.com/ru - the resource is constantly updated, so there is a lot of music and hits that are not on such sites. Music styles are very different, but mostly - it's pop, rock, rap, you can find country music.
    • cdonpc.ru - after registration, any music lover will find a lot of good music there, which is often updated with new ones. There are many popular genres, however, there are practically no classics.
    • sovmusic.ru - offers its visitors a huge archive of Soviet music on a variety of topics. There are military marches, and speeches of the leaders, and favorite Soviet hits.
    • newmp3s.narod.ru - pampers its visitors with the latest innovations of high-quality and fashionable foreign music.
    • rusmuz.ru - an extensive archive of mp3 songs, downloading speed is very good, registration is not required, every music lover will find a lot of interesting things for themselves. Music on the site of different styles, many new products.
    • mp3plus.ru - To download music for free, you will have to register. On this site you can find soundtracks from films, various singles and albums of pop performers of different directions.
    • mp3passion.net - will appeal to lovers of the classics, but there is also pop. Download speed is very good, the archive is constantly updated.
    • bards.pp.ru - for lovers of art song. It has a fairly rich archive.
    • mp3.com - has a huge collection of free MP3s, offering about 1,400 artists. Almost all files can be immediately listened to and downloaded.

    As you can see, there are many websites for free downloads, you just need to search. Now you know where to download mp3 for free, and you will enjoy your favorite songs all day.

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