• When was the revolution in Russia?

    Natalia Khudyakova
    Natalia Khudyakova
    December 27, 2012
    When was the revolution in Russia?

    According to modern history in Tsarist Russia there were three revolutions.

    1905 revolution

    Date: January 1905 - June 1907 The shooting of a peaceful demonstration (January 22, 1905), in which workers, their wives and children led by a priest, later called by many historians as a provocateur, who specifically led the crowd to rifles.

    The result of the first Russian revolution was the Manifesto adopted on October 17, 1905, which provided Russian citizens with civil liberties based on the inviolability of the individual. But this manifesto did not solve the main issue - hunger and the industrial crisis in the country; therefore, the tension continued to accumulate and later was defused by the second revolution. But the first answer to the question: "When was the revolution in Russia?" will be - 1905.

    February bourgeois-democratic revolution of 1917

    Date: February 1917 Hunger, political crisis, protracted war, discontent with the policies of the king,the ferment of revolutionary moods in the great Petrograd garrison — these factors and many others led to a complication of the situation in the country. The general strike of the workers on February 27, 1917 in Petrograd turned into natural unrest. As a result, the main government buildings and the main buildings of the city were captured. Most of the troops went over to the side of the strikers. The tsarist government could not cope with the revolutionary situation. The troops summoned from the front could not get into the city. The result of the second revolution was the overthrow of the monarchy, and the establishment of the Provisional Government, which included representatives of the bourgeoisie and the big landowners. But along with this, the Petrograd Soviet was formed, as another authority. This led to dual power, which had a bad effect on the establishment of order by the Provisional Government in a depleted war-torn country.

    October Revolution of 1917

    Date: October 25-26 old style. The protracted World War I continues, the Russian troops are retreating and are defeated. Hunger in the country does not stop. The majority of people live in poverty.Numerous meetings are held at factories, factories, and in front of military units deployed in Petrograd. Most of the military, workers and the entire crew of the Aurora cruiser sided with the Bolsheviks. The Military Revolutionary Committee announces an armed uprising. October 25, 1917 there was a Bolshevik coup headed by Vladimir Lenin - the Provisional Government was deposed. The first Soviet government was formed, and later in 1918, peace was signed with Germany, already tired of war (Brest Peace), and the construction of the USSR began.

    Thus, we get that the question "When was the revolution in Russia?" You can briefly answer this: only three times - once in 1905 and twice in 1917.

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