• When to guess?

    Daria Kudrina
    Daria Kudrina
    January 8, 2013
    When to guess?

    Many of those who want to know their future, are interested in the question - when you can guess.

    You can not guess every day, for this fit only certain days of the week, and sometimes months. Intuitively, the person chooses the days that fall at the time of the full moon - in fact it is the symbol of the whole mysterious and mysterious. At this time, the relationship of man with the other world is enhanced. But not all the days of the full moon can be wondered - however, there are those days of the flawed moon that are ideal for performing ceremonies - the second, fifth, sixth, seventh, tenth, twelfth and thirteenth. Excellent time for fortune telling - Christmas and Christmas Fridays - traditional fortune telling days, like all Christmas time, which for a long time are considered the best for determining the future. The evening of Christmas Eve is especially suitable - January 18 and January 13 - Vasilyev evening.

    As you can see, the upcoming January is rich in days suitable for fortune telling. This month you need to guess the long-term prospects.

    It should also be remembered that when choosing a day for fortune telling, you need to focus on the lunar calendar, which lists all the favorable and unfavorable days. The best for fortune telling are 6, 17 and 24th lunar days.

    When it is impossible to guess

    • First of all, it is not recommended to guess on the days of major church holidays.
    • As a rule, they do not guess on Fridays and Saturdays either - this can bring trouble. Exceptions are only those Fridays, which were discussed above - Christmas and Christmas.
    • They say that it is not necessary to guess women in critical days, if they do not want to attract trouble.
    • It is better not to guess in those days when you feel bad - nothing will come of it.

    Time for various divinations

    For this, the sky must have half the moon - then the result will be accurate. Guessing on material prosperity and wealth is traditionally in October, November and February. For love divinations, of course, spring is best suited, namely the month of April. Here you can ask all the questions that will be connected with the relationship, you can find out whether a new acquaintance is not foreseen and whether there is a chance to get married this year.September is the most favorable question for long-distance travel and relocation. It is also suitable for divination of someone who is now far from you.

    If you follow all the rules of how and when you can guess, then who knows - maybe luck will smile at you and all the good things that you could guess yourself will be fulfilled. Good luck!

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