• When can I get married?

    Julia Bukatova
    Julia Bukatova
    December 20, 2012
    When can I get married?

    Tie the knot in front of people, you can in any work, for the registrar, day. The situation is much more complicated when two lovers decide to become a husband and wife before God, that is, to get married. The wedding takes place with all the features of the church calendar, and, it is filled with various events throughout the year. When can I get married?

    When can you get married in church

    The first rule that future newlyweds will face, if you decide to get married, the sacrament is not performed on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, throughout the year.

    In addition, the wedding is prohibited the day before, and, during Christmas (November 28 - January 6), Great, Petrovsky and Uspensky (from August 14 to August 27) posts. Dates of Great and Petrovsky posts vary, depending on the Easter holiday, so they need to be refined according to the church calendar annually.

    It is also forbidden to hold the sacrament of weddings during the Christmas time (January 7-19), on Maslenitsa and Bright weeks, because these days are special for the whole church, as a whole, and do not allow to be distracted by private holidays, such as weddings.

    When it is recommended to get married

    In the old days in Russia, weddings began in the middle of autumn — from October 15 — and continued until the middle of spring. This is due to the fact that all summer and early autumn, people were busy at work in the fields. Despite the fact that now most of us do not have to work on plowing, this time is still considered suitable for the performance of the wedding sacrament.

    Particularly successful for the wedding are considered the holidays of the Virgin, because, it is she who patronizes family life. From July 21 to November 4, the days of Kazan are celebrated, and, on October 26, the Iberian icons of the Mother of God are celebrated.

    Find a date suitable for the wedding at any time of the year. The main thing is not to forget that the sacrament of weddings is a very important event in the spiritual life of a young family, therefore, it should be treated with special responsibility. And this means that the future husband and wife should take care not only of choosing the date of the wedding, but also of observing other rites preceding the sacrament, such as engagement. I wish you happiness and love!

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