• When baking kulich?

    Marina Fedotova
    Marina Fedotova
    February 13, 2013
    When baking kulich?

    Absolutely everyone today knows one truth, that it is necessary to bake an Easter cake, and also to paint eggs at Easter. However, not everyone is aware of when they bless Easter cakes and eggs in the church. Many do not know the details of this custom, while some consider it not entirely obligatory.

    Easter among Christians is considered a very important religious holiday. This means that during the celebration of Easter there are quite strict rules and traditions that are desirable to adhere to. If you do not want to follow these traditions, we advise you not to adhere to them at all.

    If the essence of the Easter holiday is clear to you and you want to stand all Easter night in the church, in order to hear and take part in the Easter service, then you need to first know when it is necessary to go to church to consecrate Easter cakes and eggs .

    You need to consecrate the Easter cake on the eve of Easter, namely, from Saturday to Sunday. Some believe that before the end of the night Easter service to consecrate cakes and eggs is impossible. But this is not entirely correct, because the church does not prohibit preparing for Easter in advance.

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