• What you need to see on Lake Como in one day?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    August 28, 2017
    What you need to see on Lake Como in one day?

    Lake Como is recognized as the most beautiful in the world. The unique, incredibly beautiful nature, stunning landscapes, an abundance of delicious food, a friendly and cheerful atmosphere, an interesting story - all this attracts travelers from all over the world.

    How to see Lake Como in one day? Five recommendations from the editors of the site www.comolake-today.com.

    Walk around the pedestrian area of ​​Como

    Pay attention to the abundance of silk scarves, which can be bought in local shops. They are not counting here, because silk from Como is known all over the world. Visit the Palazzo Broletto - the Gothic marble residence of the government, built in 1215, as well as the main cathedral of the city - the Duomo.

    Take a boat ride on Lake Como

    Do not forget to take the main thing - a walk on Lake Como, which you can choose on the pier on the embankment of the city of Como. You will not have to search long: there are always a lot of ships and boats here, and private high-speed boats ply.For a full experience, choose a boat with a guide - so you can not only see the ancient villas of Lake Como from the water, but also learn interesting stories about their past and present inhabitants.

    Visit the town of Brunate

    Take the funicular to the small village of Brunate. From here you will discover the whole of Como in its miniature glory. The walk to the summit lasts about five minutes, on the observation deck you can make beautiful photos.

    Visit the old villas

    Pay attention to the legacy of aristocratic families - the villas of Como. For example, Villa Olmo is located directly in the city, and you can easily get here. The villa has its own unique history, majestic design and a magnificent park with access to the lake.

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