• What will be the winter of 2017-2018 in Russia and Ukraine - the exact weather forecast for months. When the winter begins in Moscow and St. Petersburg, how much snow will be

    1Z1718-001To find out what the winter of 2017-2018 will be in Russia, Ukraine, Moscow and St. Petersburg, you need to familiarize yourself with the preliminary weather forecast made by weather forecasters from the weather center. Of course, it’s impossible to find completely accurate information there, but it’s easy to find out about the general trends, average monthly temperatures and the approximate expected amount of snow.

    What will be the winter of 2017-2018 in Russia - a preliminary forecast from the weather center for months

    A preliminary forecast from the weather center today reports what the winter of 2017-2018 will be in Russia.According to weather forecasters, no significant cataclysms are foreseen and the cold season in almost all regions of the state will pass as usual. Perhaps, only in the eastern part of the country the weather situation will change more dramatically and will bring some inconveniences to the residents. In the north and west, traditionally it will become colder a couple of weeks earlier than in the center and in the south, and the snow will fall there almost until the spring.

    Weather forecast for the winter 2017-2018 in Russia for each month


    The first intensive snowfalls will fall on most of the territory of Russia at the very end of autumn and December will be met by the country in a luxurious and fluffy snow-white dress. However, the southern cyclone, which came to the Central regions from Africa, will very quickly raise the air temperature to comfortable plus levels and melt snow drifts, turning them into huge puddles in an instant. But for a long time the heat will not linger, and in the second half of December the winter will show itself as a real harsh season. On the eve of the New Year, the mercury columns will firmly settle on stable negative figures (from -5 ... 10 ° C in the southern and central regions and to -20 ° C in the northern part of the country) and almost all over the vast territory of the Russian Federation will be plentiful snow.

    The beginning of January will please the Russians with quite comfortable winter temperatures, an almost total absence of winds and heavy rainfall. The most active frosts will descend into the country for baptism. Even in the southern and central regions during this period, the thermometers will fix -20 ... 25 ° C in the daytime and up to -30 ... 32 ° C at night. In the north and northwest it will become colder down to -35 ° C, and together with the piercing wind the frost will be felt even more strongly. But for a long time this trend will not persist and after 3-4 days the winter will slightly weaken its grip and allow the sun to come out from behind the clouds to make the air a little warmer and softer.

    February will be remembered for unpredictability and regular temperature fluctuations. In the middle of the month intensive snowfall will begin again throughout the territory. Accompanying their strong, gusty wind significantly complicate the movement of both on foot and by car. A small warm “window” will appear only in the very last days of February, strongly hinting that spring is already very close.

    What will be the winter of 2017-2018 in Ukraine, according to weather forecasts


    According to weather forecasters, the winter of 2017-2018 in Ukraine will begin with heavy snowfall.Already in early December, the blizzard will dress the whole country in a beautiful white outfit and allow the kids to enjoy playing with snowballs and sledding. By the middle of the month, a warmer week will come out and the precipitation will melt without a trace under the rays of the sun. But since December 20, the Arctic front will remedy this situation by returning to the state territory such traditional attributes of the winter season as snowfall and stable subzero temperatures.

    The beginning of January will be moderately frosty. Fogs will appear in parts of the regions, making the atmosphere on the city streets uncomfortable, damp and dank. The lowest temperatures will record thermometers in the last decade of the month. In the north and northwest, the mercury column will drop to -25 ° C, and in the south and southeast - to -15 ° C in the daytime and around -20 ... 22 ° C at night.

    The first days of February will be pleased with unexpectedly warm air and a clear sky, but already after the 7th day the whole country will again be covered with snow. Abundant precipitation will complement the gusting icy wind, wading, literally to the very bones. In the middle of the month, the weather situation will stabilize a bit, but at the end of February, again, its fierce nature will manifest itself, freezing the country at record low, harsh temperatures.

    When will come and what will be the winter of 2017-2018 in Moscow


    You can find out when and what the winter of 2017-2018 will be in Moscow today from a preliminary forecast of the weather center. Of course, this information is not completely accurate, but most of the main trends are confirmed. After all, weather forecasters use long-term statistical data to compile a weather map and constantly monitor the overall situation in the region.

    Weather in Moscow in winter 2017-2018 by month

    According to meteorologists, the first half of December in Moscow will be quite warm (up to + 2 ° C during the day and about -10 ° C at night) and rich in precipitation. After the 15th day the frost will start to grow stronger. The mercury column will drop to the mark -10 ... 12 ° C in the morning period, and in the evening it will slide to -17 ° C. The overcast sky will not miss a single ray of sunshine, and the New Year holidays will be held among the snowdrifts and the frost figures traditional for this period.

    In early January, the air temperature will be -10 ° C, and winds and blizzards will completely subside. In this weather, walking with children and participating in traditional Russian winter fun will be quite comfortable. The second decade will be more frosty, but very clear.In the daytime, the thermometers will show -20 ° C, and with the onset of darkness the temperature will drop to -27 ° C. By 25-26 numbers a little warmer, and this trend will continue in early February. But the middle of the month will show its frosty character and will scare the guests and residents of the capital with piercing winds, low temperatures and low temperatures. The long-awaited warming will come to the city only in the last decade and March Moscow will meet with melting snow, drops and the first spring sun breaking through because of the clouds.

    The most accurate forecast from weather forecasters - what will be the winter of 2017-2018 in St. Petersburg


    Weather forecasters from the weather center today know what the winter of 2017-2018 in St. Petersburg will be and how much snow will fall on the streets of North Palmyra. According to their forecasts, the first cooling will begin in late November. In early December, the thermometers will settle at -10 ... 12 ° C in the daytime, and at night they will slide to -14 ... 17 ° C. By 14-16 the number at 2-3 degrees warmer, but after December 20 the frost will be harsh and stable. Precipitation will fall in the form of sleet, and with intensive minus will turn into fluffy flakes.

    January will be remembered for stable 2-week frosts (up to -26 ° C in the city and region, and in the northern parts to -32 ° C).It will snow periodically, but the amount of precipitation will not exceed the average standards.

    February will have time to show its fierce nature and will scare Petersburgers and tourists with a frost at -20 ° C, but by 15-17 the weather will change to anger at the mercy. Because of the clouds, the sun will suddenly appear, the daytime temperature will rise to -8 ° C and in the city it will clearly smell in the coming spring.

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