• What to say on the first date?

    First date - what could be more exciting and important! Before the first date, nothing can be missed, there are no minor things. You need to choose the right place and time, you need to dress correctly, you need to find the right topic for conversation, to please the opposite sex and interest him in your persona. After all, if everything goes well, then there will be a second date, and the third ...

    Meet, of course, on clothes, but escorted all the same on mind. And if someone has dressed you on this date as it should, then you will still have to speak for yourself, and here it cannot be blundered. Therefore, it is extremely important to know what to say on the first date, and what is better to remain silent.

    What can not talk

    1. First and foremost, what you need to know, a date - this is entertainment. The person who first came to your meeting, came to have a good time, and he is not at all interested in your problems, worries, illnesses, and financial difficulties. This is not a session of psychoanalysis, and you should not “load” a person in the first session, otherwise you risk never seeing him again.
    2. It is also not necessary to conduct a comparative analysis of your interlocutor and all your former and present partners, and even more so try to discuss this topic. Do not start talking about sex, sex and the like, otherwise you risk leaving the best impression about yourself.
    3. Even if you sleep and see a magnificent wedding, it’s not important to anyone, a house in the suburbs and three kids, it’s better not to talk about all this on the first date, as no sensible person wants to immediately feel like an object of hunting.
    4. If you have been preparing for a meeting for a very long time and have carefully studied what to say on the first date, try not only to speak, but also to listen to the interlocutor. It is not very nice to chat without stopping, not allowing anyone to insert a word.
    5. There is another extreme, which in no case should not fall on the first date - do not be silent. Being embarrassed or afraid to say something wrong, many simply begin to keep silent, which puts a person in an extremely awkward position. After such a meeting, you probably will not want to see you again.
    6. Do not try to find out what his or her salary, car, apartment, with what money was bought and by whom, and in which bank an account is opened.Any normal person will be alarmed by these questions so much that your phone number immediately after the meeting will be blacklisted as a potentially dangerous person.

    What can and should be talked about

    1. The first date is a reason to learn more about each other. But it is not necessary to arrange an interrogation, let the conversation be easy, fun. To get started, find out what I am doing a person, where he studies or works, and what he likes or does not like about his work.
    2. Once you know his type of activity, you can ask what he does in his free time from work or school. Free time is an excellent source of information about the person himself, and here you will clearly find something to say on the first date. there have been and so on.
    3. Talk about summer, vacation, about the countries where you were or dream to visit. The holiday theme, itself permeated with positive emotions, brings many closer together, because it is so pleasant to dream about the warm sea when it is snowy winter outside.

    On the first date, in principle, one thing is important - to find a common topic for conversations and further meetings. So it is important here, so to speak, to “probe” the subject of one’s sympathy for the presence of common interests.After all, if you have nothing at all in common, then even if you like each other very much at first, then it is unlikely that you will succeed. Therefore, you are looking for the best, but be careful and tactful so as not to frighten you with your perseverance.

    Of course, it is important to know what to say on the first date, but it is also important how to talk. No need to swear obscene language, be aggressive, try to tighten the young man or girl immediately to his home for tea, you should not flirt and flirt with others, get drunk and behave in a boorish way.

    And if all these conditions are met, then your date will be excellent, although there is one BUT, you should not take the first date too seriously, consider it as a pleasant excuse to relax, and do not immediately build ambitious plans for a long relationship. If they take place, then it is good, and if not, then it means that you will have many more wonderful and interesting first dates.

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