• What to give the original?

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    What to give the original?

    It is more pleasant to give gifts to others than to receive them yourself, because it is such a pleasure to see how truly happy your loved one is! Original gifts are especially appreciated. Let's talk more about the fact that the original can be presented to a loved one.

    How to choose an original gift: ideas and tips

    For convenience, all the so-called original gifts can be divided into the following categories:

    • ordinary things made in an unusual design performance;
    • ordinary items in their original packaging;
    • creative gifts;
    • humorous gifts;
    • gifts, impressions;
    • Handmade gifts.

    Now we will tell about each of these categories in more detail.

    Ordinary things in an unusual performance

    A classic example of a gift of this kind is homemade fur slippers imitating animal paws. But if now it’s only possible to surprise a child with slippers-pads, then a flash drive in the shape of a tube of lipstick, an umbrella that looks like a hunting rifle or a backpack when foldedat first glance, indistinguishable from the shell of a ninja turtle, can cause a storm of delight in an adult.

    Ordinary items in original packaging

    In order for the most ordinary thing to become an unusual gift, sometimes it is enough just to pack it in an original way.

    It would seem that it can be more common than banknotes, which are usually given at a wedding? But if you roll them into a tube, bandage it with a golden ribbon, lay this tube in a beautiful heart-shaped balloon and fill itGifthelium, get a very original gift.

    For greater effect, the ball can be tied to a long cord, the other end of which should be glued from the inside to the bottom of a very large box. Then, after loading the “heart” into the box, its remaining free space must be filled with small colorful balloons filled with gel too. Now it remains only to quickly close the box so that the balls do not scatter early, tie it with a scarlet satin ribbon and give to the young.

    At hour X, the newlyweds will untie the bow and open the box - the balls will soar under the ceiling, and the balloon will hang over the box on the cord.Thus, having worked a little, you can turn banal money into a very original gift.

    Creative gifts

    This category of gifts is perhaps the most heterogeneous. To it with equal success can be counted both the clock, the hands of which rotate in the opposite direction, and the portrait doll, made by a professional puppeteer according to the photo of the gift recipient and as two drops of water similar to the original. The range of creative gifts soGiftvaried, that it is simply impossible to describe it in a nutshell, so we will give just a few examples in order to give your thoughts about the original gift the right direction.

    A creative gift can be an elegant music box - such newly-fashionable caskets are especially popular with romantic young ladies and adult ladies.

    A modern young man is better to give something no less original, but more pragmatic - an alarm clock with a propeller, for example, or an incredible stirring cup with a built-in fan.

    Humorous gifts

    They are most often given to friends or colleagues, and the choice of a gift of this kind has virtually no effect on gender and age,who are you going to make them happy. The main thing is to be sure that the bestowed person has an unbreakable feeling.Gifthumor and take such a kind of gift properly.

    Choosing a humorous gift, it is very important to know when to stop and not to cross the border between the funny and the vulgar - cups with plastic dog excrement at the bottom, which are offered in large quantities in the shops of funny gifts - this is an obvious search.

    But the coin for decision making, on the obverse and the reverse of which the word “YES!” Is minted, watches for lovers, on the dial of which there is not a single digit and there is only an inscription “What a difference!” Or a coughing ashtray could well become an excellent gift for a person , which is not alien to a sense of humor.

    Impression Gifts

    Such gifts are now rapidly becoming fashionable, which, however, is understandable,Giftfor the modern man is harder to surprise with any thing. But a donated flight in a balloon or a parachute jump can really be a source of unforgettable impressions.

    Gifts of this type also include certificates for visiting a beauty salon,tea ceremony or plush toy workshop, tickets to rock stars or music festivals and, of course, all sorts of travel packages for holidays, starting with a two-week holiday in the Maldives and ending with two days at the tourist center in the suburbs.

    Handmade gifts

    It is worth undertaking to make such a gift only if you are completely confident in your abilities, otherwise the gift may turn out so unusual that the bestowed will not risk using it. For example, ineptly knitted sweaterGiftIt will, of course, be very, very original (especially if he has one sleeve longer than the second), only the person who received it as a gift is unlikely to ever decide to wear this sweater.

    If you are not deprived of handicraft abilities, then, of course, you can safely get to work, but first carefully think about what you can do, and only then, based on the answer to this question, decide what kind of gift you will make. You know how to work with wood - you carve a carved saltcellar or a pencil cup, you knit well - knit cozy home slippers or a hat of an unusual style, like to sew - sew an organizer for office supplies from denim.

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