• What should I give for the New 2019?

    It is necessary to think over a choice of a gift in advance and carefully, and it is desirable to buy gifts for relatives in advance. And if you do not know what to give for the New 2019 to those you know and love, then for you - useful tips and ideas in the article.

    What should be the New Year's gift?

    To make it easier for you to make a choice, first analyze the basic rules and requirements that the original and budget-free gift should meet:

    1. Low price. You should not spend money on gifts: firstly, not everyone will appreciate your investment, secondly, if there are many recipients, you can cause significant damage to the budget, and, thirdly, by presenting something expensive and valuable, you oblige the person and put him in an awkward position.
    2. Originality, individual approach. Choose each gift for a particular person separately and try at such moments to think about the recipient in order to find something suitable for him. And even if you get symbolic souvenirs for colleagues, buy different, not the same: it will be much more interesting.
    3. When choosing gifts, consider the peculiarities of the relationship with the recipient. For example, if this is your second half, then bring a romantic undercurrent and a special meaning that is clear only to you two. A friend can give something funny and reminiscent of the time spent together. Parents give gifts showing care and reverent attitude. And with the authorities and unfamiliar people it is better to keep a distance, giving impersonal gifts that are not hinting at anything.
    4. Consider the symbolism of the year. 2019 will be the year of the Earthen Yellow Pig, which means that it is worth choosing gifts in warm yellow colors and souvenirs in the form of cute pigs or piglets.
    5. When choosing gifts for children (not own ones), it is advisable to consult with their parents so that the gift is not only pleasant, but also useful and, of course, harmless.

    What gifts can you give?

    What can you give for New 2019 Pigs? In fact, a lot of options, so you just choose something suitable. And all the gifts for convenience are divided into separate categories according to the areas of application and purpose.

    Cute souvenirs

    Souvenirs can be presented to colleagues or friends as symbolic gifts, but they can also serve as additions to the main gifts.Souvenir products, manufactured by 2019, will certainly be made up taking into account the symbols, which is the Yellow Pig.

    Consider all the interesting options:

    Tip! You can not buy the finished product, and order it by providing your own sketch or asking the manufacturer to think of an exclusive design. An example is printing on circles.

    For home and interior

    Practical and having their own housing, people will certainly appreciate the gifts that create a comfortable life and comfort. It can be all kinds of fixtures, organizers, nightlights, clocks, mini-projectors, magnetic boards and much more. Also suitable are decorations for interior decor: pillows, bedspreads, bed linens, statuettes and vases, paintings, photo frames and much more.

    To arrange a life

    The arrangement of life and the creation of comfort at home is the task of every homeowner. But not always enough time and money to purchase useful items that simplify and facilitate life. And the New Year can be an excellent reason to give such a thing. Here are the options:

    • dishes: set, plate set, glasses, baking molds;
    • kitchen appliances: blender, food processor, juicer, coffee grinder or coffee maker, multivarker, bread maker, yogurt maker;
    • household appliances for home: iron or steamer, humidifier or air ionizer, hairdryer;
    • cutlery: spoons, knives, vegetable cutter, grater or a whole set of necessary items;
    • self repair tool kits.

    For hobby

    If you choose a gift for a loved one, you probably know what he is interested in. And in this case, choose something for a hobby, for example:

    • tourist equipment: backpack, raincoat, thermos, folding chair, penknife, compass;
    • for flower growers, gardeners or florists: a new rare flower, a book about different types of plants;
    • for needlework: high-quality threads, knitting needles, fabrics, new tools, ready-made kits;
    • for fishing: spinning, echo sounder, fishing camp chair, a set of lures, electronic canter;
    • for hunting: weapons (knife, shotgun), camouflage suit;
    • for enthusiastic gamers: a new console or joystick, game, gaming area lights;
    • for motorists: covers or heated seats, curtains, statues in the car, a variety of gadgets (parking sensors, rear view camera, navigator, radar detector, DVR, and so on).

    Beauty and personal care

    A female colleague or friend can be given something for self-care and beauty:

    Important! Do not choose a specialized cosmetics, it is selected taking into account the characteristics of the person (such as hair or skin). But in order for the recipient to choose something suitable, give her a gift certificate purchased from a well-known store.

    For modern gadgets

    No modern person can do without gadgets, and this means that accessories for such devices are always relevant: new wireless headphones, cases for tablets or phones, portable chargers, mobile speakers, flash cards, wireless keyboards or mice.

    Important! To make the gift useful and fit, find out the model of the device, and also find out what accessories the recipient definitely does not have.

    For creative people

    If the recipient is a creative person, then he will surely be happy with a gift corresponding to the field of talents and hobbies. And it can be:

    • New easel or music stand;
    • a set of paints with good brushes;
    • graphic tablet with stylus;
    • visiting the recording studio;
    • musical instrument or accessory for him.

    Tip! If you don’t know what to give, but want to please a creative person, then get a gift card or certificate from a specialized store where you can buy something suitable and necessary.

    For the soul and fun

    You can give something for the soul and have a good time: a game for adults, a bottle of good alcohol, a jar of caviar or natural expensive chocolate. Such gifts give joy and are accepted with pleasure, but it is better to present them to close or well-known people.

    With humor

    If the gift is intended for a loved one, then he will be able to appreciate the idea with humor. On sale a lot of cool figurines with subtext, mugs and T-shirts with funny inscriptions.

    Important! Choosing a cool gift, do not overdo it. Inappropriate humor is black on the verge of a foul, as well as indicating a person’s shortcomings or weaknesses.

    With romantic overtones

    If you choose a gift for a husband, then by all means with the help of a present show your feelings and emotions. And it is not necessary to hand over some thing, you can give a pleasant impression. There are several options:

    • a romantic dinner at home;
    • a trip to a place that means a lot to you two and is connected with the most pleasant memories and important moments;
    • horse ride;
    • joint weekend together in a country house or in a tourist center;
    • journey;
    • erotic game;
    • dance;
    • a self-made certificate for several services or fulfillment of desires.

    Taking care of loved ones

    To please parents is simple: they will gladly accept any gift, but if it is chosen with care, it will surely become useful and appreciated. For example, you can give something that mom and dad can not afford:

    • medical device for assessing or improving health status: blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, hearing aid, massager;
    • high-quality dressing gown or pajamas;
    • new nice warm blanket;
    • a set of bed linen;
    • new glasses;
    • set of products.

    For the little ones

    The child can give a soft or interactive toy, a doll or accessories for it, miniature household appliances, a designer, accessories and clothes, a scooter or a skateboard, a helmet with knee pads for safe skating, a computer game, a book, a set for creativity.

    Important! When choosing a gift for a child, consider his age, gender and hobbies.

    When and where to buy Christmas gifts?

    To have time to buy gifts for everyone, take care of their purchase in advance, especially if you need to donate something abstract from the festive theme, practical and useful. But the traditional New Year's souvenirs begin to go on sale in the winter, and they are not bought up by the New Year, and on the eve of its onset, prices often drop.

    Shopping is profitable in large stores, but individual gifts can be found in small departments. Also you can find a private manufacturer or a craftsman and make an order from him, so that the present was individual and exclusive.

    Now you will definitely buy the best gifts for the New Year 2019!

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