• What to give a son-in?

    He who has a good son-in-law gets one more son, who loses a bad one loses his daughter, the ancient Greek philosopher Democritus believed. Since these old times, little has changed, and good and good relations with the husband of the daughter also need to be maintained, as well as with his own daughter. It is this person who gives happiness to your child who has already grown up. That he is the father of your grandchildren, and, therefore, indirectly brings joy to you.

    Sign of Location

    A good, really necessary gift is traditionally a sign of respect, a symbol of your favor to the person bestowed. And the son-in-law is no exception! What to give a son-in? Different items may be potential presentations. For the mother-in-law, it is first necessary to answer the question: for what reason will the gift be presented? Those things that can be donated for a birthday are different from Christmas presents, and gifts for a wedding anniversary are different from attention signs on February 23. So the first rule - give to the time and place.

    Check with relatives

    Before congratulating your son-in-law, consult with your daughter or with your new relatives from your son-in-law. They probably know his preferences and hobbies better than you. If you yourself know what your “son-in-law” is “sick”, then carefully ask: does he have the thing that you are going to donate, because he could easily get it yourself. In accordance with the received "intelligence", you can already begin to choose a gift in-law. Yes, remember, it should not be too cheap (so that it does not look like “unsubscribe”), but also not too expensive.

    Ideas according to the hobby

    • An avid fisherman or hunter can donate spinning, a set of hooks, a backpack, fishing boots. Proceed from the principle that in such cases the best gift is the right one! That is one that can certainly come in handy when fishing or hunting.
    • If the son-in-law shakes his muscles, watches the figure and spends time in the gym, give him a subscription to classes or something sports: for example, a soccer ball, sneakers, weight training equipment.
    • Give the car enthusiast a car thermos flasher, a navigator, a set of good chrome tools, a turntable in the car, a silver key chain.
    • If the son-in-law likes to spend time at the computer, feel free to present any new gadget or video camera for the computer, at worst, a new keyboard or optical mouse.

    Gifts "with soul"

    To make the son-in-law feel like a welcome member of your family, you can give him something original that emphasizes his belonging to the clan. For example, a good gift would be a family campaign (if there is one). Then surely you please the daughter's husband. From the little things: a T-shirt with an interesting inscription, a hat or scarf connected by your hands, a picture with your image in a frame (if both sides have a good sense of humor)!

    Please both son-in-law and daughter

    To please the young family, present a family gift, intended for general use, exactly necessary for them in everyday life. A microwave, a coffee machine, a slow cooker, a water vacuum cleaner, a TV are now selling a lot of household appliances needed in the household. At least there is plenty to choose from. One piece of advice: buy with a guarantee, and hand over the check and coupon along with the gift to your son-in-law. And yet: do not take things unknown, not time-tested brands.

    What can not give?

    • It is not necessary to give to the son-in-law “on duty” sets of socks-shirts-shirts, cosmetics for shaving, mugs, pens, lighters, alcohol.
    • It is not recommended to give knives and everything sharp, so as not to "cut" the relationship.
    • It is also impossible to give to the son-in-law things hinting at the negative sides of his character: a beer mug or a bottle of whiskey, a card deck.

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