• What to give a colleague?

    Many companies and firms in order to build positive and friendly relations with colleagues often spend joint holidays and anniversaries. The birthday of a colleague or the anniversary of an employee of a company is an opportunity to rally the team, to give the employee to feel his individuality and significance.

    How to choose a gift to a colleague?

    So what to give a colleague? After all, it is rather difficult to choose a suitable gift for a friend or colleague, especially if you do not know his taste. What can be presented to fellow men? There are many different gifts that will become a symbol of good luck, lift your spirits and just allow him to smile once again. Very many employees of companies, without thinking twice, simply type in the line of the search query: “What should I give to my work colleague?”. This can not be done. One of the most common gifts for men are: a wallet, penholder, diplomat, desk clock, diary. In addition, employees can be advised to purchase gifts such as a tie or cufflinks for cuffs.A stylish mug with a company logo or an interesting inscription will look very nice. The IT specialist will be very happy with the new webcam, unusual gadget or heated coffee mug. The main thing is that these are technical “gadgets”.

    The head of the company will get great pleasure from a solid leather diary, leather organizer. If the director is a stylish man, he will not refuse a gift shirt, a box for documents. One of the most presentable gifts is a set of elite cognac.

    Best gifts for male colleagues

    What to give a man colleague from the female team of a company or company? This can be an expensive pen or a lighter if the man smokes. Also a smoking man can be presented with an expensive souvenir tube. In addition, a leather diary or a beautiful business card holder, a belt will be an excellent gift. Do not give frankly expensive gifts. For example, a man will feel uncomfortable if you present him with an expensive watch or ring. After all, according to the rules of good tone, he, too, will have to give you a return expensive gift.

    Best Gifts for Women Colleagues

    The most scrupulous to take gifts for women and girls. For young women and pretty girls categorically should not give intimate gifts. Of course, the choice of a gift in many respects determines how close your relationship with this person is. Therefore, the most suitable "neutral" gifts. They can be a great help if you don’t know the preferences of the recipient. In this case, the “neutral” gift is an excellent gift that will not leave indifferent any woman or girl.

    So, what to give a woman colleague middle-aged or aged. This may be fine ceramic, porcelain, various writing utensils, original photo frames or table clocks. Of course, do not forget about the beautiful bouquet of flowers.

    What to give a girl colleague? You can give a young girl a perfume, a cosmetic set, a beautiful vase, a decoration or a mobile phone case, expensive candies. Particular attention should be paid to the choice of jewelry or accessories. Beautiful bracelet, elegant inexpensive necklace will be enthusiastically greeted by a young girl! Of course, for this, you need to know both its tastes and preferences ...

    And finally, if you wish to congratulate all your colleagues on the New Year, February 23 or March 8, then it is better to pick up the same gifts so that no one feels hurt or hurt!

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