• What to draw for a birthday?

    Birthday is celebrated all differently, but one attribute is always present on it - gifts! The most original and unusual gift is, of course, the one that is made with your own hands. Today we look at the options for gifts that you can create if you can draw.

    Painted picture

    You can draw anything you like, insert it into a frame, and this will already be a gift. But if you draw well and with meaning, it will be just a great gift. Know the technique of "implementing" the life of your desires, called "Treasure Map"? If you manage to draw a picture for his birthday, he will be a huge success with the birthday boy! In the center of the sheet, you draw a birthday man, and around him everything that he wants in life is to have what you want for him. And during the year all these things or other benefits will be his. Draw him a car, a new apartment, a beautiful dress, your shop, a diploma from the institute, the shore of the Azure Sea, the Eiffel Tower, and all that the hero of the occasion dreams of.How to draw success? The symbol of it is the leaf of the trefoil, or a pot with a rainbow. A symbol of health you can make the sun with bright rays, with a smile. When giving such a picture, be sure to say “magic words”, that is, the wish itself, and give instructions: hang the picture in a prominent place, but away from prying eyes, do not forget to admire it every day.

    Separately, consider what to draw mom birthday. First, you can draw her portrait. It will be kept by your mother very carefully and long! You can draw a still life with flowers (they are always pleasant to the woman), with fruit, with a beautiful vase. If a child draws a picture, he can depict the whole family, and his mother in the center. And it is also very important to know what the birthday man likes, and draw with an emphasis on it. If Mom likes forget-me-nots, then you need to draw them! And if the grandmother loves the song “A white cherry blossomed under the window”, then you should draw it under the cherry blossoms. Under such a picture always put a signature-autograph, because you are an artist!

    We decorate the room

    Very well in the room where the celebration will take place, hang out posters for birthday, drawn by yourself. Make them very easy. Need gouache in large cans and wide brushes. We buy in the store large sheets of drawing paper, draw on them and write wishes and slogans. Wishes to come up with easy, but the slogans need funny and interesting. For example, “To what, and to me again 17!”, “I'm 20 years old, and the rest is experience!”, “45 is a woman berry again!”, “Mom is the best friend” to be born on such a spring day! "," Who will be born in winter - has fun all his life! "," Life is just beginning at 40 years old! " , and what - no. We write the slogan in the middle of the poster, decorate along the contour of the frame with flowers, a picture of a cake with candles, holiday caps, serpentine.

    Birthday cards

    Happy birthday cards drawn look unusually touching. Moreover, it can be postcards, congratulations, and can be postcards, invitations to the festive evening. At the congratulatory, you can draw beautiful flowers, the number of the birthday of the birthday man, himself with the subjects of his professional occupation (calculator, briefcase, hammer, chisel,striped baton) or with items of his hobby (fishing rod, shotgun, swimming goggles, soccer ball, hockey stick, etc.) And for invitations you can beautifully write “We invite you for a birthday”, and instead of the address of the birthday boy, draw a plan, how to find a house and an apartment, even a floor, even the birthday boy himself in an apartment!

    And now the tips that can be attributed to all drawings. Remember that watercolor is not as bright paint as gouache, so it is better to apply it in several layers. And gouache gets dirty, so if you draw a card with it, then take care of hand protection, laminate it.

    And now, when you already have an idea of ​​what to draw for your birthday, you can start this creative process!

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