• What to do, husband is an alcoholic?

    Leonid Veselov
    Leonid Veselov
    May 18, 2011
    What to do, husband is an alcoholic?

    Alcoholism is a disease characterized by a strong predilection for alcohol and its systematic use. The problem of alcoholism is very relevant at this time. Unfortunately, no one is immune from it. You may come across it yourself, or maybe your neighbors are drinking or, worse, your loved ones. In Russia, many families are destroyed due to the fact that a man drinks. Thousands of women wonder: “What is to be done, husband is an alcoholic?”. We will try to help you.

    Alcoholic husband: what to do - tips

    Despite inadequate behavior and addiction to alcohol, you still love your husband and in no way wish to disperse. How to help in this case person? What to do with an alcoholic?

    Alternatively, go to a psychologist and understand the reason for this addiction to alcohol. After all, someone drinks because of the lack of meaning and goals in life, someone - from experienced grief or because of banal troubles. A qualified specialist will help to understand yourself and get rid of the disease.Now there are many programs to help stop drinking.

    Another option is coding from alcoholism, but as practice shows, not everyone can afford this method. Therefore, many resort to traditional medicine, and some go to the village to the grandmother-healers. There is of course no guarantee, but there are still chances. Especially if your husband himself wants to get rid of alcoholism, because self-hypnosis is a very strong thing.

    How to get rid of the husband of an alcoholic?

    If it became impossible to live as a husband, the best way is, of course, to leave him and get a divorce. Do something you do, but will he leave you alone then? It is not excluded that in a state of intoxication he will come back to your house again and again, threaten, make trouble, and you never know what else can come to such a person? You can protect yourself from this. Change the locks, ask the neighbors for help. The best option is to move yourself and not allow the husband to know your new address. But, unfortunately, not everyone has this opportunity. In this case, the husband of an alcoholic can be evicted with the help of the court, but on the condition that he does not own the dwelling.Otherwise, it is impossible to evict him.

    You can also contact the support service for women in difficult situations. Such organizations are in almost every city. There, psychologists will help you with free consultations, lawyers will tell you how to act in your situation, and if necessary, you and your child can be placed for a certain time in a protected shelter for women, where they will provide everything necessary for life and restrict them from the encroachments of their alcoholic husband. .

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