• What to do, bitten by a dog?

    Dogs are very kind and responsive animals. Often the dog is called the "friend of man." But dogs, like people in general, are different. Unfortunately, anyone can become a victim of a dog bite. Today we will try to deal with this situation: what to do, bitten by a dog?

    Bitten by a dog - what should I do right away?

    The biggest danger of being bitten is the risk of being infected with the rabies virus. We can not know for sure whether a stray dog that has bitten is vaccinated from this disease. Based on this fact, you need to know the following. If a dog has bitten you in the face, neck, head or fingers, it is much more dangerous than a bite to the body or to the legs. The fact is that in the first case, the rabies virus enters the brain very quickly. On the nerve trunks of the infection enters the brain. By the tenth day, a strong progression of the disease can be observed. If the bite was made in the body or legs, then the escalation of the disease is observed within one to three months.

    One of the first rules is that if the bleeding after a bite is not very intense, then it is better not to stop it immediately.This will ensure the release of blood from the animal's saliva, which may contain a virus. Also in the dog's saliva contains a large number of bacteria that can harm your health. Therefore, it is necessary to give time to the body to self-deplete the saliva from the wound.

    Let's make a step by step plan and consider the actions that need to be done if you are bitten by a dog:

    • Wash the bite site. Rinse need any disinfectant solution. It can be 3% hydrogen peroxide, soap diluted in water. You can use household or antibacterial soap, although the usual also suitable. You can also wash with green paint. You should not use alcohol, iodine or cologne, as these substances burn the fabric, which prevents the rate of healing.
    • Now you need to process the skin around the wound to remove all bacteria from it. We process 5% solution of iodine. Microorganisms live on the skin, which, once in the wound, can cause festering.
    • Now you need to cover the wound with a special bactericidal film or plaster. On the film you need to impose a sterile bandage.

    Further actions

    Here are the basic steps we need to take in case of a dog bite.If you are bitten by a stray dog, then be sure to get a rabies vaccine. Unfortunately, this procedure is very unpleasant. Vaccination involves 7 to 25 subcutaneous injections in the abdomen. If you are bitten by a domestic dog, then it is imperative to receive confirmation from the veterinarian that the dog is healthy. This must be done, as the dog may seem healthy, although the virus is already there. The first signs appear only 8-10 days after infection. They fall at the end of the incubation period. The dog must be isolated from humans for 10 days to check for signs of infection. Signs of the disease are such as drooling, staggering gait, fear of water. If you have not noticed these signs, then most likely the animal that bit you is healthy.

    After all procedures, it is imperative to contact the clinic or emergency room. This must be done in any case, even if the dog is vaccinated and completely healthy. The surgeon will examine your wounds. Observation by a professional, in this case, is extremely important, since torn fabrics receive serious injuries and are copiously covered with microbes. Without the treatment that is required in this case, the wound will heal for a long time, and the scars can last for a lifetime.This is also necessary so that the doctor, in case of danger of infection, injects special preparations, such as serum or anti-rabies immunoglobulin. After the done actions, the doctor will probably offer you a course of vaccination, which will help your body to quickly deal with the danger of infection.

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