• What to buy in Thailand?

    Travel, travel, travel! That is the motto of a person who lives an active and interesting life. Let's talk about an amazing country. This region leaves an impression of itself as a very controversial place. Let's talk about Thailand and what you can buy there. So:

    What to buy in Thailand?

    Here that experienced visitors of Thailand advise to get:

    • Sapphires made in various silver jewelery. This souvenir is from Thailand for those who are a fan of precious stones and precious metal. For example, a silver bracelet consisting of 12 stones will cost you 3,500 rubles, and small earrings will cost 1,500 rubles. Thailand is also known for its black pearls. Its qualities, beauty and low price make tourists buy more and more new products from black pearls. Men can please their women by bringing luxury pearl jewelry to them as a gift. It is only necessary to make sure that your woman loves pearls. Rings and beads that are made of pearls will be useful to anyone, so do not hesitate to buy more. Pay attention to silverware.You will find a huge number of rings, earrings and bracelets made of silver at reasonable prices.
    • Especially popular are various products made from the skin of an elephant and a slope. You can buy accessories such as stingray leather belts, elephant leather wallets, covers, and stingray and elephant leather document storage covers. Here is what to buy in Thailand.
    • Many women note the quality of Thai-made underwear. In a compartment with a low cost underwear is an excellent acquisition for everyday use. Particularly noteworthy products from Thai flax. Many different things are made from this material. This and underwear, and towels, and bags of different sizes and content. Bright and modern t-shirts, shorts and shirts will delight your teenage children. If you know exactly what your child loves, then do not miss the moment to get it all during your trip to Thailand. It should be noted that in Thailand you can find any children's clothing. It concerns the size, price and quality.
    • Speaking of souvenirs, it is impossible not to mention particularly attractive crafts made of wood and shells. It is also worth noting that the cost of a thing, as a rule, is not a large amount. One of the most popular souvenirs is the elephant figurines.Bring a few of these as a gift to your loved ones, and they will remind them that you were in Thailand.
    • Special attention should be paid to the various products that can be found on the shelves in Thailand. Bring home a special Thai sauce. You will not find analogues of this sauce in Russia, do not even try. This seasoning will decorate any of your dishes and give it a special aroma, which is characteristic only of the popular Thai dishes and snacks. Here is what to buy in Thailand.

    The truth is that in Thailand, as in any other country in the world, you can buy everything. Your own business - the amount you plan to lime, and the quality of the goods for which you are applying. Remember, in Thailand you can fall into the hands of scammers who offer you expensive items at a low price. All this is cheating. Do not fall for the provocations of intruders and you will remember your rest, how wonderful time was spent. Bring from Thailand what will especially remind you of going there.

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