• What show to watch?

    What show to watch?For those who are accustomed to relax or do homework under the TV, it can really become a problem, which program to watch. There are a huge number of TV channels today, and everyone is trying to lure the audience with an interesting theme, a spectacular presentation, and charming TV presenters - in short, the entire arsenal of tools that television broadcasters currently have.

    What show to watch?

    Truth and nothing but the truth

    Currently, fans of any genre can be found on TV programs to their liking, whether it be melodrama, detectives, historical films or sports.However, there are programs that equally attract everyone, as they are interesting and unusual. And the first in this series should be called the “Battle of psychics”, which has already entered its 16th season. All series of which you can see here.

    The television project “The Battle of Psychics” attracted attention from literally the first season, and over the past years its audience has steadily expanded.And this is quite understandable: one thing is to watch the tickling nerves of Hollywood thrillers about various paranormal phenomena, and quite another to see real peoplewho really possess paranormal abilities, as can be seen, for example, here.

    When the “Battle of the Psychics” was just beginning, many people doubted this and thought that everything on the project was directed to attract the public. However, for many TV viewers, psychics became their last hope, to find out what really happened to their loved ones, and a flood of letters literally poured into the project.

    What show to watch?

    Why "The Battle of Psychics" is so popular

    There are not so many programs on TV, where everything is for real. Of course, it’s nice to see how our stars learned to dance on ice, overcome obstacles and experience overloads, but we are well aware that all this is a kind of entertainment, but in the “Battle” we often speak about real life and death. .

    That is why everyone who has had a chance to watch at least one issue, for example, this one, no longer has a question about which TV show to watch on Saturday evening. And if it does not work out, thanks to the capabilities of modern technology, you can at any time review any release of the “Battle” of any season.

    Moreover, with the help of the Internet it is possible to address any participant with vital questions for you and receive an answer.On the Internet there is a stormy discussion of everything that is happening on the project, a real Internet community of "Battles of Psychics" fans has been formed, which is regularly replenished by new participants from both sides.

    Spectators are eagerly awaiting the start of each new season of "The Battle of Psychics", and their expectations are invariably justified: in each new season, new people with unique abilities appear in the project, and we are once again convinced that the unknown is next to us.

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