• What should be the manicure for office and work?

    Manicure is a visiting card of a beautiful woman watching her and completing her image. It should not only be beautiful and fashionable, but also relevant. And what a manicure is suitable for work in an office or institution that assumes compliance with the dress code? Let's figure it out!

    Basic requirements for office manicure

    What should be an office manicure? Many modern companies have a dress code, and not only clothing, but the whole image, including make-up, hairstyle and, of course, manicure, must match. There are several basic requirements for nails:

    1. Grooming Surely, in the place where you work, the rules are established and apply to all employees. One of the most important and characterizing company of the company is a well-groomed appearance. And since the nails are an integral part of the image of a woman or girl, then they must meet this requirement.Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to bring the plates and the surrounding space in order. If the nails exfoliate or break, use the appropriate care products: oils, medicinal varnishes, masks, and so on. Use for grinding and leveling low-abrasive nail file or buff, which will remove all unnecessary, but will not damage the structure. Be sure to cut the burrs and move the skin at the base of the nail. If the skin is dry, be sure to moisturize it.
    2. Restraint. A bright, bright and flashy manicure is out of place at work, as it will attract attention and distract attention from professional activities and everyday work processes, not only you, but also those around you.
    3. Laconic design. You should not overload the manicure with numerous decorative elements and design techniques, leave them for special occasions. In the office, the rule applies to make-up and nail design: the smaller the better.

    The optimal length and shape of nails

    Nails should not be long, but extremely short and completely trimmed, they are not required. The growing part may extend several millimeters beyond the edge of the pad.The maximum length is no more than a third of the entire plate, longer nails not only in an office setting look vulgar and defiant, but also make it difficult to perform daily duties, such as sorting papers, working at a computer, using office equipment, and so on.

    Equally important is the shape of the plates, and the more natural it is, the better. In addition, naturalness is in fashion and will most likely remain in trend for a long time. Your marigolds may be elegant almond-shaped or have rounded edges. Almost straight rounded in the corner parts of the edge are allowed. Sharp, sharp-tipped or square nails with rough corners are not appropriate.

    Tip: determining the optimal shape and length, do not forget to take into account the peculiarities of your hands. So, owners of short fingers can lengthen and somewhat narrow the plate. If the fingers are thin and long, then stop the selection on a rounded soft shape and a minimum or average length.

    What color to choose?

    It's time to decide on the color scheme. Immediately give up all bright, saturated, “acidic”, flashy and excessively dark tones.Choose from calm, restrained and pleasant shades that not only correspond to the conventional dress code, but also make the image elegant and are almost universal and suitable for everyone.

    Gentle nude, cream, marshmallow and powdery tones that emphasize naturalness and give femininity are relevant. You can stop the choice on such colors as pale pink, coffee, sand, milk chocolate, light gray.

    Design Options

    How to make an office manicure? When decorating the nails, follow the rules described above and use fashion ideas:

    • Monophonic manicure is elegant and restrained, so you can stop the choice on it, especially if you prefer calm and strict images, not only at work, but also in everyday life.
    • If one single color seems dull and trite to you, dilute it with another, selecting one or two nails. But the tone should harmonize and blend perfectly, sharp contrasts and imbalances are unacceptable. You can choose shades of the same color or use win-win successful combinations, such as beige and brown, milky and pale pink.
    • Relevant classic french french. The main part of the plate should remain as natural as possible, and make the edges white. Dark tones and contrasts are unacceptable.
    • It is perfect for office work and moon manicure, if it is not flashy and catchy. Choose shades of the same color or harmonious tones to avoid disharmony and sharp contrasts. Wells should not be very noticeable and stand out against the general background.
    • In the trend of a matte manicure, and it is also quite suitable for the office, if it is made in soothing gentle tones.
    • On one or two nails, you can make a three-dimensional pattern, but not different in color.
    • If you like rhinestones, then for the office, pick up decorative elements to match the plate so that they do not catch the eye. And keep the measure in quantity.
    • One or two marigolds can be distinguished and interestingly beaten with the help of a so-called sugar or marmalade design, reminiscent of a surface sprinkled with sugar or powder.
    • Delicate, delicate and barely noticeable white lace on a light background will make the image more feminine and somewhat romantic.


    Finally, a few recommendations for office workers who dream of the perfect manicure for work:

    1. Do not forget, as the nail grows, eliminate the deficiencies that arise.Always carry a manicure set with a nail file and “nippers”.
    2. Update the manicure in a timely manner, as the regrown grounds look very careless.
    3. To avoid getting into an embarrassing situation due to the varnished varnish, you can choose a persistent gel coating or use the services of building or strengthening nails.

    Now you can definitely make the perfect office manicure.

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