• What rings are in fashion now?

    Hands are always in sight, so they must look perfect. The 2015 fashion season is coming to an end, and those who are in the trend, can not wait to find out what awaits us in the future. To make a correct forecast, summing up, you should pay attention to current trends in style. Jewelry is an essential attribute of culture, so it is so important that jewelry be relevant. What are the rings in fashion today?

    The laws of beauty dictate the world celebrities. Reputable fashion houses vainly vie for their attention to their collections. Successful people, whose names are well-known, and the photos constantly flash in the press, are a popular way to promote the new trend to the masses, raising the prestige of the brand. Therefore, based on the fact that today are the stars, tomorrow you will find yourself a model of style and elegance, and fashionable rings this rule applies to the full extent.

    Although the design of classic jewelry has changed little since the era of Queen Cleopatra, the nuances of jewelry are as fickle as fleeting fashion trends for scarves, shoes and handbags.

    What rings are in fashion now?

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    This year's fashion rings

    Diamonds, pearls and multi-colored gems in gold or silver frames - rings that are not out of fashion. But new trends regularly emerge based on individual materials or combinations. There are also fresh original solutions that are by no means classic. Among the modern fashion trends are details that are easy to see on the photos of the latest shows of famous couturiers:

    • floral and ethnic motifs in the design;
    • antique styling;
    • large gems surrounded by miniature stones;
    • a combination of different, often unconventional metals;
    • frosted surface texture;
    • Delicate laconic interlacings of thin rings;
    • geometric combinations on the brink of aggression.

    A special fashion is the wedding rings, which are all the less reminiscent of the classic ones.

    The year 2015 was marked by a decrease in the popularity of massive stones and an increase in demand for models with diamond placers practically concealing a metal frame.

    Now traditional jewelry in the new style is not only worn by the stars, but also young people who are closely watching the fashion give their beloved ones. A wedding ring is an elegant way to demonstrate this.

    Immediate prospects in the fashion for rings

    The use of non-traditional jewelry alloys, such as noble tungsten, has aroused keen interest from fans of the style. Animated and the designers, whose imagination immediately earned in this direction. Rings made of rubber and natural stone no longer surprise anyone, but the use of durable lightweight ceramics from Chanel for a frame is a new solution that inspires searching for non-trivial ideas and other fashion designers.

    In addition to the material, the shape also changes.

    The traditional cut of stones is still not uncommon, but fancy gems with no signs of processing came into fashion.

    Already today in the trend of complex decorations, reminiscent of the original compositions of several rings. In fact, this is a single whole, created by a modern master in the pursuit of perfection. Creative searches have suited connoisseurs, so you can expect the emergence of new forms.

    Original ethnic jewelry - phalanx rings - came into European fashion from the East and immediately won the hearts of lovers of jewelry, which Kate Moss, Rihanna and other style icons were noted in the photo.

    What rings are in fashion now?

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    Tips for choosing fashion rings

    Do not deviate from the trend - not enough to create a stylish image, if you select fashion items without taking into account your own characteristics. Personal qualities, some of which it is desirable to slightly disguise, delicately emphasizing others, are inherent in everyone. This is the manifestation of individuality, which forms the image.

    Choosing rings in accordance with modern fashion, it is easy to achieve the perfect effect, following reasonable advice:

    1. Graceful fingers benefit from noticeable stones, resembling raw gems, which will lose their charm on a big hand.
    2. Pearl-encrusted brushed metal and sophisticated design - a decoration for full fingers, successfully emphasizing the elegance of the image.
    3. An interesting set of small stones or even a scattering looks equally stylish on any hand, therefore it is considered a universal option.
    4. Rings from the combined metal are still in demand. Multicolored gold looks almost always spectacular.
    5. Ethnic and vintage styles that hold popularity are acceptable in combination with an appropriate image in clothes and other accessories.
    6. Animalism is the current trend in the fashion for rings, which is also able to create an original image, subject to stylistic matching and a sense of proportion.
    7. Intricate accessories, covering not only the phalanx, but even the nails, look impressive, but not always appropriate, because they do not harmonize with the business image.
    8. Optimal solutions remain fashionable rings made to order in accordance with personal preferences, able to reflect the individuality is much brighter than other accessories and never emerging from the trend.

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