• What medications to take for colds?

    The common cold is a sharp overcooling of the body. It can occur in almost every person. You must always know what medicines to take for colds. The main cause of any cold is a strong hypothermia of the human body. You can catch a cold even in summer from a minor draft. Let's try to figure out which cold medicine is best.

    The best cold medicine

    It is very difficult to say which cold medicine is the best, since the organism of each person is individual. But in order not to get sick you need:

    1. Maintain immunity, that is:
      • to eat well;
      • dress warmly;
      • take vitamins A, E, C, B and minerals;
      • to live an active lifestyle. That is, play sports, do exercises;
      • be able to relax. After work, you need to lie down for 10 minutes, listen to pleasant music;
      • take a douche or regularly steam in the bath. The best protection against colds is the hardening of the body;
      • in the fall and spring to take special drugs to support immunity. For example, "Immunal" or "Ekhinatsin".
    2. If necessary, take medications. First of all, you need to strengthen the body's immune system. As you know, cough is dry and wet. For dry cough, the following drugs will help:
      • Ambroxol (solution, syrup, tablets);
      • bromhexine;

      If the nose is stuffed, then for three days it is necessary to drip vasoconstrictor drops into it:

      • "Sanorin";
      • Naphthyzinum;
      • "Aquamarine";
      • Aqualore;
      • "Otrivin";
      • Galazolin.

      It is necessary to use these drugs within 10 days. If the temperature rises, you need to take antipyretic drugs. For example, paracetamol or aspirin.

      Such drugs as Flucold, Coldrex, Fervex and Theraflu are widely advertised on TV now. But these drugs give a certain load on the liver, kidneys, heart and help only in the first stage of the disease.

    3. During illness, you must also take vitamin C. This vitamin can be taken not only in pill form. It is abundant in lemons, black currants and> walnuts. This vitamin greatly accelerates the process of recovery.Before taking medications, you need to try to cure a cold with folk remedies.
    4. Folk remedies most effectively affect the body at the first stage of the disease. First of all, you need to drink more fluids. For colds, it is recommended to take lime honey, as well as the use of medicinal herbs: eucalyptus, chamomile (pharmacy), wormwood, mint, birch buds, linden flowers.
    5. Homeopathic Cold Treatments:
      • "Anaferon"
      • "Oscillococcinum";
      • "Viferon" (candles);
      • Arbidol (capsules);
      • "Grippferon" (nasal drops);
      • "Nazoferon";
      • "Evkazolin aqua".

    These drugs should be taken only on prescription.

    Medicines for children for colds

    1. Without a doctor's recommendation, children under four years old are not recommended to give cold medicine.
    2. Do not give children drugs that are intended for adults.
    3. Without a prescription, you should also not be given several cold medicines at the same time.
    4. You should always carefully read the instructions on the dosage of the drug.
    5. Use for taking drugs measuring cup, pipette or measuring spoon.

    It should be remembered that quickly cure colds in childhood is very difficult. But it is possible to alleviate her symptoms. Here are some guidelines:

    • if the child has a fever, then it can be lowered with the help of the drug cytomerase;
    • children under 6 months are not recommended to give ibuprofen;
    • children over one year old can suffer from a sore throat;
    • the child needs to drink more fluids;
    • to clear the nose of mucus, you can try to drip saline drops into the nose;
    • install a humidifier in the child�s room;
    • consult with your doctor.

    Cold medicine during pregnancy

    • It is better not to take antibiotics. They should be taken, they ate severe complications. It is always necessary to carefully read the summary. It indicates whether the drug can be used during pregnancy. Especially you need to be careful in early pregnancy;
    • throat can be rinsed with a decoction of calendula, oak bark or sea salt;
    • with sore throat gargle with water, to which you can add a few drops of tincture of iodine and one teaspoon of salt and soda;
    • when coughing you need to drink warm milk with goose fat;
    • honey and raspberries also help with coughing.

    Now you know what medicines to take for a cold.

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