• What does love look like?

    Alina Alexandrova
    Alina Alexandrova
    February 4, 2013
    What does love look like?

    How to understand that you feel love? Easily. This is when you cannot do without this person, when you forgive everything, when you are ready to run in the night, when your favorite image is in front of your eyes. Love is a constant desire to touch, cuddle, feel the other person. All ages are submissive to love, so love defies logic and analysis and common sense often. Everyone is capable of love. A huge number of aphorisms about love, and all of them - the subjective concept of the author of the lines. Because everyone has their own personal experience, their priorities and their principles. But the fact that we live on planet Earth for the sake of love is beyond any doubt.

    Love as the meaning of life

    About love, love, love we sing songs and dream. About love as the most wonderful feeling that can happen and happen to us. How to determine that what you feel is love? Let's reason. The purpose and meaning of our life is love. What and who are we without love? Lonely, abandoned, rejected, useless, pitiful.And how are we when we are loved and loved? We are lively, joyful, happy, happy, kind. What does love look like? To the vanilla sky, to the golden rain, to joy and happiness, to the fireworks of emotions, to the sensation of space flight, to the miracle. there is hardly any wise man capable of defining love in one word.

    After all, do not forget that everyone is able to love. But not everyone understands this, not everyone is able to feel another person, to understand him, to help him fly, to rise.

    What is love

    What does love look like? On a spray of champagne, for the night of Cleopatra. What is love? Love is a bright feeling. There is platonic and carnal love. What is the difference? Carnal is the urge of the body. Platonic is the urge of the soul. What is love? Love is the desire to make another person happy. Love is to give. Love is letting go. Love is the ability to understand and forgive. Love is gratitude. There is no better feeling than love. Sometimes it seems that love as children come to us from God. Love is a gift from the gods. We dream of such love as Romeo and Juliet, but this is an example from the classics.

    How to attract love? Want, desire, ask God, the universe, the higher mind.And love will definitely settle in your heart. Dreaming of love is vital. Because love has no age.

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