• What does a wen look like?

    Elena Krylova
    Elena Krylova
    February 19, 2013
    What does a wen look like?

    Often, spots and pimples appear on human skin of unknown origin. Maybe it's a wen? If you suspect this disease is in you, then first you should figure out what a wen looks like and what it is all about. Have you seen a wen on the face? You can view photos of these formations in large numbers on specialized sites.

    What is a Wen

    Wen or lipoma is an absolutely painless tumor of benign origin. It is located mainly under the skin and looks like a small, mobile, elastic and smooth nodule. Its sizes are various. It can be from 1 mm in diameter to 5 cm. Lipomas are usually slow, but grow.

    In principle, a wen can appear on any part of your body, as it appears due to blockage of sebaceous glands, metabolic disorders, especially in violation of lipid metabolism. Wen is more of an aesthetic problem, however, if it still appears on your body or, especially, your face, it is better to cut it.A growing wen can pinch nearby organs and tissues, and with an unfavorable outcome of events may develop into a malignant tumor.

    In women, wen more often appear on the body, in men it appears on the face. Here are links to photos of the appearance of the wen: wen on the face, wen on the body. What do wenders look like on the body? You can view the photo in encyclopedias and the Internet, but still, the doctor must make a diagnosis. Do not try to squeeze them out, so as not to carry the infection. It is better to contact the surgeon who will perform the removal operation quickly and painlessly.

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