• What is vasculitis?

    Elena Melnichenko
    Elena Melnichenko
    March 7, 2015
    What is vasculitis?

    In our time, new diseases appear, and old ones acquire a different character and become “younger”. Those who have never suffered from vasculitis do not even realize what kind of a disease it is and what kind of treatment it implies. But since no one is immune from disease, it is important to know what vasculitis is, what symptoms it has and what needs to be done to get rid of this disease.

    What is the cause of the disease?

    By vasculitis is meant a group of diseases associated with inflammation and destruction of the walls of blood vessels. This disease entails a number of specific consequences, since organs suffer from circulatory disorders.

    Depending on which vessels are damaged, vasculitis is divided into:

    • arteritis - inflammation / damage of arterial walls;
    • arteriolitis - inflammation / damage of arterioles;
    • phlebitis - inflammation / damage to the vein wall;
    • capillary - inflammation / lesion of capillaries.

    Vasculitis may appear for various reasons. Although this pathology has not been fully studied, doctors believethat the cause of this disease may be a normal allergic reaction to certain medications. In addition, viruses and other infections can be the causative agent. The development of the disease is also affected by autoimmune diseases.

    Symptoms of the disease

    Recognizing the symptoms of vasculitis is not difficult. On the skin visible blood effusions. This symptom is accompanied by a fever with a sharp temperature drop.

    Diagnosis and treatment

    Diagnosis of this disease occurs with the help of laboratory tests, as well as with the help of X-rays and ultrasound of the internal organs and blood vessels.

    It is worth noting that, depending on the type of the disease and the lesion, the specialist prescribes the treatment individually. In some cases, chemotherapy is used, but in very small doses. And also use corticosteroids and cytostatics, which reduce the production of antibodies.

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